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Sep 11, 2012 - 13 comments






My hands and feet are itchy. I just started using this site. Dont know how to post stuff. So im asking this way. My feet and hands are very itchy. My skin is not dry. No rashes. Havent started anything new. I have been taking Benadryl,with no relief. If any one has any suggestions please help.I'm going crazy. I have a Drs. Appt. today so will see what they say. I will write back so if anyone else gets this problem they will have a answer. Thank you.

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by sshericlees, Nov 14, 2012
Hello, my 10 y/o daughter has been experiencing the same thing... Itchy feet and palms of her hands for the past two days. I'm currently soaking her feet in warm water with epsom salt and she's had some relief. I will take her to her doc if this persists.

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by CountofMC, Jan 23, 2014
Have either of you found out why you are having this problem? My 7 year old daughter has started to have the same problem. Itchy hands and feet, especially prevalent at night with no rash.

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by smooty0105, Sep 15, 2014
I'm going through the same thing. Have your doctor do a liver work up w blood work. Some liver diseases can cause this as I am finding out. Very frustrating

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by AussieRobby, May 13, 2015
I have itchy hands, not palms, the tops.  I put hand cream on and it soothes it for a couple of minutes and then it starts up again.  My hands don't appear to be dry. I have not one rash, cut or anything else.  It started a few weeks ago. I don't really want to go to the doctor.

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by blooki, May 18, 2015
I have a similar issue which just began after building a new entryway steps and landing.
It would seem that I am having a reaction to prolonged skin contact with the pressure treated lumber.
If any of the above people suffering similar symptoms have had a new deck, child's jungle gym, exterior swing, (etc..)
recently  built or replaced, I'm pretty sure that's your culprit. Especially if the symptoms begin confined to the hands and/or feet from handling or standing on the wood for prolonged periods.
I would recommend painting or sealing the wood as soon as possible, until then be sure to wear shoes and gloves.

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by Loopylousmith1986, Aug 24, 2015
Yes  I get it had blood work etc but all came bk fine very frustrating my feet at very sore atm where I keep scratching I jut can't help it

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by megmaple, Mar 10, 2016
I had this problem last 2014, it started itchy during the night  and it only itchy everytime im in my bed. I had this for about months  i coudn't sleep at night and end up soaking in the hot water just to relief the itchiness. Inhave decided to see a doctor coz it getting worse and my work suffers in the day. When the doctor. checked my foot he says i have a good blood circulation, no signs of diabetes and no fungal. He just discover that ia have cold feet. The wheather like winter he said can cause the feet being cold and become itchy due to wheather. He gave me anthistamine to take in the night and day for 10 days and the itchiness is gone. He said there are lots of reasons of itchy feet and causes. In this experience i recommend who is suffering this to see a doctor for best medications. This illness is not serious but if you will just try some remedy to lessen the itchiness you will suffer a prolong burden of not sleeping in the night. I hope this helps.

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by Grace323, Mar 14, 2016
I have had the same issue with my feet and it seemed to coincide with the same time as menopause.  My feet are clean, no diabetes or liver disease.  I tried spray for athletes feet, powders, lotions ... these don't work.  I never had the issue before and it only happens on occasion and wakes me up out of a dead sleep.  I start itching and can't stop.  The only thing that gives me relief is if I run the hot water in the tub and soak my feet for a few minutes.  Seems the hotter the water the better.  Cold water seems to work to but I tend to use hot.  

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by crankyangel, Jul 31, 2016
I am having a foot problem with red, itchy, peeling skin that started on my left foot and is now also on the right foot. I think it is contact dermatitis and I am going to get an allergy/sensitive skin detergent. I had been trying different kinds and I think that's what started it.

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by Tinky123amy, Aug 18, 2016
Two days ago myhands and ball if my feet itchy.
No rash or dry skin
I have ms
Can anyone answer this?

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by Fangel, Sep 01, 2016
Hi guys,I once experienced this 4 years ago and my feet were so itchy I cud not sleep. I went to the pharmacy and they gave me  medication that helped,in a matter of days the itchiness was gone. Now four years down the line I'm back on the same road,why is it back,should I be worried? Someone please help. There is no rash or whatsoever,just itching like something is moving in my feet. I cant sleep

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by Maryjobraz, Jun 20, 2017
The top of my feet itch every single time the weather starts getting hot. Everytime I go to the doctors I forget cause normaly she sees me in the winter or fall. I still dont understand why its in the summer only by the time the weather starts cooling down no more itch. Does any one else have that problem only in the hot weather days and then cool weather its like itch all gone. Can someone tell me what I can do to relieve the itch, please

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by VS1987, Oct 26, 2017
I get the same thing (started this year) but triggers when weather temps are in the 40s or below. No rash or hives just constant itchiness. Sometimes to the point I'm in tears. Saw a dr no signs or evidence or anything so they assume its more of a contact dermatitis type thing. I have allergy meds for everyday use but gave me anotherscript  for when temps drop. I have to be sure to take it at the same times everyday to keep it in my system. I have also found that hydrocortisone helps rub on my skin during attacks. So this and my allergy pills (zyrtec, singular, and flonaise) are always in my purse. I try to be sure to take my meds before going outside and I try to cover up my hands and feet as much as possible. It's only on my feet and my hands when it happens. I have heard that this can be something that goes away on its own. Praying so soon and never comes back

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