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Women Staying healthy

Jan 19, 2009 - 3 comments

Us women have a lot to think about when it comes to our bodies. We have to overcome a lot of challenges with our bodies especially when it involves our vagina. Taking the extra step in preventing further problems should be every women’s 2009 goal. If you don't take care of yourself who will?

Do you find yourself constantly worried about an STD? Anxiety, Stress, a change in your life?

-Do yourself and your body a favor and make sure a condom is used.

We all make mistakes! if you forget, get caught up in the moment, get drunk or the condom BROKE
-Do yourself a favor; GET TESTED!
-Don't wait; the sooner you get tested the better off you and your body will be.
-Don't allow yourself to infect others
-Don't let a man tell you he is safe; jump the gun and carry your own protection.

Holding relationships are the best thing ever... at least to me.
-before having sex (unprotected or not), have a special date with your man; get tested together. There is nothing wrong with getting tested to prevent further problems. This will also help clear up any future problems... i.e. cheating

** WE ALL MAKE MISTAKE** If you mess up tell your partner; they don't deserve to find out the hard way.

Our vaginas also have their own problems not related to STDs: Uti's, yeast, BV and of course our wonderful periods, menopause and many things I don't even know about. This is why we don't need any other problems we have to overcome many others.

Be honest with yourself; Be honest with your partner.

Just some thoughts as I've gone through so much anxiety because I didn't take care of myself.


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207091 tn?1337709493
by auntiejessi, Jan 20, 2009
Awesome entry.  :)

Sometimes its just no fun being a woman, but its important to take care of yourself.


1430466 tn?1291994296
by nc198822, Aug 30, 2010
I said YES! to your first question in this journal entry.

But I constantly worry and have anxiety because I am starting to wonder if the vagina is even a strong peice of our bodies.

I've been with the same person for a yr and a half. Been tested & have hpv genital warts. Constantly worried about something popping up and don't know how to properly wash and manage myself down there with having this!

Very relateable entry.

652407 tn?1300737199
by kdaily, Aug 31, 2010
send me a pm if you want to talk about your HPV

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