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How I reversed my Alopecia (hairloss)

Sep 13, 2012 - 1 comments



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How I reversed my Alopecia...

Since fall 2008 I was losing my hair. At first it was small nickle sized patches of hair that fell out. One month after my hair stylist discovered my first bald patch I passed two (painful) kidney stones. During the first year of suffering I feared going to the doctors for two reasons. First I had no health insurance and I don’t believe in buying into anything I can’t pay back immediately; secondly, I new they would only offer drugs – a steroid they inject into you scalp or taken orrally that only covers up the symptoms and not cure/reverse the actual problem.

In June 2010 I had about a fourth of my hair gone, just enough to look amazing on my wedding day. But within three month of that I had lost two thirds of my hair (probably more). I looked very sick and fell into a depression, and my loving husband allowed me to shave my head so that it would boost myself esteem in the fact that I had control over how I looked, being bald was a choice and I wouldn’t look sickly. This helped my depression for sometime.

In January 2012 everything went down hill, I was almost bald, no eyelashes, no eyebrows, very little body hair and became more stressed out then I thought I could ever be. We ate fairly healthy foods with occasional fast food. Nothing I could do would help.

Then in Feburary 2012 my husband who listens to the Live show of Alex Jones everyday mentioned Dr. Wallach and thought we might check it out, just to become healthy.  We ordered the Healthy Brain and Heart Pack to try it out, got instant results from the Beyond Tangy Tangerine and decided to see his seminar here in Bloomington, MN not even considering that Dr. Wallach could help with my alopecia until we got there.  We listened to his amazing lecture and at the end he started taking questions.  Being nervous with the possibilty that he couldn’t help I put my hand up. (Earlier in the lecture Dr. Wallach had asked if we had a dog, and we talked about how if I fed my dog Sadie human food she’d die.)

To nervous to ask the question I just said “I have Alopecia”. He went through the list of Celiac disease symptoms and I had all of them, then he told me I was a celiac and needed to cut Gluten (Wheat, Rye, Barley and Oats) he was going to put me on the Healthy Start Pack but since I was such a severe case he said to take the Healthy Brain and Heart Pack (thankfully that’s the one I started on three days before the seminar).

In the first week the pattern of my hair falling out and growing back stopped. Nothing fell out. Now it is hard to go gluten free but with gluten free speghitti and hotdogs I managed the first week then expanded from there. Hair was growing in the first two weeks, it was amazing but I couldn’t get my hopes up because this and happen in the past with my condition, after a month I had most my eyebrows and eyelashes, hair on my head was baby hair (thin white hair).  After two months more hair kept growing, now 6 months later my body hair and the hair on my head is in full force. All the hair on my head has returned, I feel better than I ever have… All the anxiety and depression is gone my hair is back! And I look GOOD!

Hope I helped others! Take care.

If you would like to develop a personal plan to defeat Alopecia in your life or a loved one’s contact me at ***@**** or visit my Youngevity page at

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by Lafrost, Jul 08, 2015
Had patch on my cheeks beard and feeling disturbed about it. Hate shaving my beards complete. Any help?

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