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Sep 21, 2012 - 3 comments

Hello my MH friends!

I just wanted to share a funny story to give you all a little laugh.

My hubby and his friend bought quail eggs a few months back, we incubated them, hatched them.  Hubby and his pal split the flock.  The birds as used as training aids for our hunting dog (for those who are thinking "OMG!!", the dog doesn't harm the birds, he just locates them).

Anyway, as it goes, both of us have lost a few birds due to various things (predators, illness).  It happens.  Hubby's friend's quail had started laying eggs in the past few months, so they decided we would incubate those eggs, to replenish the flocks a bit.

We've incubated lots of birds over the years...chickens and now quail.  It's a pretty meticulous process...temp in the incubator has to be just right, along with humidity, etc.  WELL... THIS time,  we didn't do things "eggsactly" right, because the guys thought the eggs weren't viable, reason being...a hen had sat on them for a few days, then left them behind.  Everything you read states that if there is any interruption in the incubating process (either in nature, or artifically), the birds won't hatch.

SO, we put the eggs in the incubator, kind of half a$$ed, and did the basics, but weren't nearly as fussy as we have been in the past.  Hubby just said yesterday he wasnt even sure exactly how many days the eggs had been in there.  Incubation time for quail is 23 days.  He told me yesterday he was going to give them another day or two and then discard them, as he said they never had a chance, there were too many issues.

So, last night around midnight, I went into the kitchen to get a drink, the incubator is on the counter.  I heard a funny, but familiar noise.  Sure enough, there were 4 newly hatched baby quail running around.  LOL.  We just couldn't believe it!  So, our 4 new additions are doing fine, fluffing up, running around, drinking.  :0)  We said, it just goes to show you, especially with nature, where there's a willl, there's a way.  We also said that all the prior hatchings we've done, we probably didn't need to be so over the top crazy with every little detail.  There are 4 eggs left in there, we're optimistic we'll probably get at least one or two more.

Just thought it was funny!  I was quite shocked, I'll say!  All in all, it was an EGGSELLENT outcome!  ;0)

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2996663 tn?1374172676
by witheredrose, Sep 23, 2012
Awwwwww! I am so glad you decided to hold back discarding them for a couple more days! Poor things might of ended up hatching in the garbage can, and then seeing an empy soup can, and start peeping "MAMMA MAMMA" quail language that is. I want a baby quail :(
That is a very eggsellent little story!

973741 tn?1342346373
by specialmom, Sep 23, 2012
Oh, I love it!!!  I had no idea you were a 'bird' farmer with chickens and quail.  I bet they are super cute.  What do they eat?  Do you feed them or do you put them out with the flock?  

So, it goes to show you . . . you just never know.  You can not predict nature.  

I love your story.  Eggxactly what I need to read this morning!

480448 tn?1426952138
by nursegirl6572, Sep 23, 2012
We haven't had chickens for many years now.  At one point, we had like 40.  We had so many eggs it was insane.  We couldn't give them away fast enough.  NOTHING like fresh eggs, OMG, yummy!  

The quail eat a feed we get from our local feed store.  The babies need it ground up real fine.  LOL.  I'll have to take some pics of them and post them, they're too cute.  I think they may eat bugs and stuff too. I know, nature is just too cool.

When we had our chickens, they were free range, they just walked around wherever...and at night, they automatically returned to the hen house.  Well, we would collect the eggs every day, because if you don't, a hen will start brooding and sitting on them.  Well, one day, LONG time ago...I was pulling in from picking up my daughter from Kindergarten, and in the middle of the yard was a hen and 4 little chicks.  I was dying laughing.  Here, she nested in one of our bushes, we never saw her.  So, we brought her and the babies inside until the chicks got bigger and we could put them in with the flock.  You can't put them in when they're too small, or they will get builled.  We had a lot of roosters, and they all thought they were in charge.

Also, because hubby was the primary caretaker....we used to tease him relentlessly.  Those chickens followed him around everywhere.  It was hysterical.  His friends razzed him something fierce.  Nothing like looking out the window, and there he'd be, with a line of like 20 chickens following behind him.  I actually call him "chicken legs" because he has very thing legs (he's programmed into my phone like that and everything, has been for YEARS)...I told him they thought he was their master...lmao!

I have all kinds of funny chicken stories.  I miss the eggs, but I don't miss the work.  Not many people can say that their kids' first day of school pics included chickens standing next to them.  LOL.  We live in a very rural area, so many people have animals of some sort.  Hubby has always wanted a goat.  Haven't done it yet, but I'm sure at some point he will.  It's great for the kids.  They have watched a lot of birds hatch, which, btw, is the coolest thing ever.  It's amazing.

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