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my WPW experience

Sep 21, 2012 - 0 comments



Wolf Parkinson White



I'm now 30 but at 25 I started to experience what 2 separate Dr's said were "panic attacks" which was strange to me since I'm a very laid back person they were awful my heart would race I would start sweating and shaking my stomach would get upset I tried some relaxing techniques like playing video games or lighting some incense  to take my mind off of them. After 2 years they went away so I thought I was fine then right after they went away I started to get a feeling of a flopping or jumping of my heart which was felt in my throat or at times my chest. I then went to two other Dr's both not ordering any tests just saying "most people have them it's not something you should worry about". At 29 I became pregnant with my second child telling my ob all about my experiences he also said not to worry. Well it still bothered me none have give me a diagnosis and it did not feel right so after having my baby my blood pressure was low and I was getting dizzy upon standing while holding her so I decided to give it one last shot with yet another DR he actually ordered test it felt good to finally find a Dr that I felt was listening to me and that showed concern. I had x-rays, blood work, EKG and a halter monitor for 24hrs. The test results came back he said part of my heart at time beat faster than the rest and normally he would put me on meds to slow it down but since my bp was already low and with Orthostatic hypertension he referred me to a cardiologist who laughed when I told him about the "panic attacks" and flopping feeling of my heart he said the "panic attacks" were most likely periods of racing heart well right away said that the halter monitor results and my symptoms were most likely WPW he then recommended ablation. The surgeon, who had been doing the surgeries for 15 years, said it was a very bad connection and I was at risk for sudden cardiac death he also said he was pretty aggressive on the accessory pathway and he believed he got it  well it's been almost three months since the operation and at times I do still have the palpitations but they are not as bad and I know my last EKG didn't show the extra pathway and he had said all along the palpitations might last up to the three months so I'm still optimistic I also have learned to limit my soda consumption to 1-2 a day and avoid sweets which is harder to avoid than the sodas as for my Orthostatic hypertension that seams to be lots better with only a couple of episodes since the ablation. I am very thankful for the Dr that ordered the test and he will always be my DR.

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