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Ears infected,  arthritic aching knees, dental surgery

Sep 22, 2012 - 1 comments

ears infected


aching knees


flu sho t2012


dental surgery

I went to ENT doctor yesterday and was diagnoised with both ears being infected. Doctor ordered antibiotic pills and ear drops. Talking is like through an echo tunnel right now. The weather tomorrow is forecast as rain most of the day and my aching knees know the forecast well (he he).  I went to the dentist last week to get my one tooth cap to be put back on only to be told tooth root was split and would have to be pulled out. Monday I have dental surgery to have tooth scheduled to be pulled.   I told my family that " I am falling apart one piece at a tme".  He he.  I have to keep that attitude otherwise I will be crying. I went to primary care doctor on friday and got seasonal flu shot which put me in almost immediate sleep mode as it taxes my body further.   Thanks folks as for lending yor ear to my "soapbox stories of woe."  

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by MollyBlitz, Sep 22, 2012
Don't worry, you always have my ear.  Sorry to hear about your dental surgery and ear infections.  Not a fun way to spend the next few days (hope it's a short time).  Hang in there.  molly

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