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1/20/09 Blood Results

Jan 20, 2009 - 5 comments

New Blood results:

TSH   .77 (.27-4.20)
T4Free 1.37 (.93-1.70)
T3Free 3.57 (2.57-4.43)

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534785 tn?1329592208
by Jules77733, Jan 20, 2009
Didn't your TSH used to be more on the elevated side of normal? Or has it always been on the lower end? Poor you...either way, it's still "normal" bloodwork. =(

What symptoms do you have now, besides the neck tenderness and swelling on the one side, fatigue, and the eye numbness?

487969 tn?1249313291
by mommy2two2008, Jan 20, 2009
LOL - that pretty much sums it up.  Swelling lymph nodes along the right.  Fullness in the ear, swollen thyroid, etc.  The eye thing too.  It stopped for now though.  I got a new antibiotic script today.  Wow, think in the last year, I have had 4 different antibiotic scripts. Funny thing is that the ENT said since its been a year of swelling on and off, he'll take the thing out whenever I decide its time.

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by Jaanyvr, Jan 20, 2009
you mentioned- eye thing? what kind of problem are you having?

487969 tn?1249313291
by mommy2two2008, Jan 20, 2009
My eye socket feels, for lack of better word, numb around it.  It comes and goes.  Wierd!

534785 tn?1329592208
by Jules77733, Jan 23, 2009
That's really odd, especially because the the cranial nerves typically control the sensations and movements in that area...and your thyroid is a good 7 or 8 inches away from any of those. There is the thyroid eye disease issue, but I just can't believe you consistently have normal bloodwork while your thyroid is clearly causing some problems. Did the last ultrasound still show a heterogeneous texture to your thyroid? You probably really do have Hashimoto's with normal bloodwork. I don't see any other explanation, unless your pituitary is the problem.

My TSH is actually not high-"normal" for once! It's 5.51 and was finally flagged as elevated--I'm hoping this is enough for the new endo I see to actually start treating me for hypothyroidism. Though there's still that pesky issue of the uptake scan results showing that I have hypertyroidism.....anyway, it's about time my TSH finally becomes abnomal, considering it's been almost a year and the medications they have me on to treat my symptoms (which are probably the thyroid and pituitary's fault anyway) are starting to kill my liver! Ughhhh it's ridiculous how long this is taking for us to be treated!

Hang in there, though. You've made it this long; no sense in giving up now =)

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