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Proud of myself but so very sad

Oct 04, 2012 - 0 comments

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My husband went from the positive frame of thought, and wanting to work on us that he was in last night back to being completely confused, pained, and negative.
However I feel that I handled his change in emotion very well and in a healthy way that was emotionally supportive for him without being submissive and comprising my emotional health either.
I let him know that I was no longer in a paniced rush for him to decide on what he wanted as far as our relationship goes.  And that even though my choice was still to be together and work on a happy healthy life, I have realized both he and I can achieve that life with or without each other, I know longer want to base my happiness on him and "us".
So I am here to discuss anything he wanted to talk about, but unless he initiated the contact I will give him the space and time to figure out his true feelings.
I'm very proud of myself for not allowing myself to react in the negative damaging way I have done in the past. Even if what my initial reaction was to break down and sob in disparate pleas.
However now that he's not on the phone with me, I am going to allow myself to be sad at the step backwards in this agonizeing waiting game.

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