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my ttc journey so far :)) please read....

Oct 09, 2012 - 15 comments


Jan 17th 2012- got my iud removed early in the am. had no periods really when i had the iud.
March 2012- got my first period after removal

I've tried temping for one cycle and i've done OPKs for about a total for 4-5 cycles. i usually O between CD 12-18 and my cycle lengths range from something is off with my hormones for sure.

April- Sept 2012-- i've had weird and unusual periods as well as cycle lengths... i know i need to see a doc but i havent yet.
It's now Oct 2012... and this cycle is going to be very odd, i'm barely spotting... and it would be considered CD4 already....

<3 Praying for a 2013 baby..... even if its at the end of 2013.... lol i will get my bfp soon.

my next plan is to get some vitex soon if possible... but ill see at next payday what i can do. i am going to buy about a 2 mth supply of something to help and if after the 2 mths nothing i will see a doctor i promise you ladies! :) i am giving it 2 more months. if you have any suggestions of vitamins or supplement i should try please tell me!!!!! :))))

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2100308 tn?1388496839
by Yrmacias, Oct 09, 2012
I think you are on the right path, hunny! Give it a couple more months. I heard Fertilaid helps, but I've never used it.

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by Gabbi0312, Oct 09, 2012
hmm maybe i will try that :-)

2066718 tn?1431143569
by TTC2006, Oct 09, 2012
Or Fertilitea.  

2020005 tn?1476658962
by KTowne, Oct 09, 2012
Definitely something off if you're ranging between 21-35, my doctor told me if mine were that spread out there was a chance I was gearing up to O but wasn't. Getting your periods on track will definitely make it easier for you! Crossing my fingers you won't have to see a doctor at all!!

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by Gabbi0312, Oct 09, 2012
thanks ladies! :) I am going to buy Fertilaid and fertile cm capsules-- on the 19th of oct

2020005 tn?1476658962
by KTowne, Oct 09, 2012
Make sure you're not trying too much at once, that can mess up your ovulation times too!

1510239 tn?1364927956
by Leyisel21, Oct 11, 2012
fertileaid helped me and one of my friends also, she had been trying for two yrs, so good luck. :)

1677620 tn?1384141101
by MeYeah, Oct 15, 2012
I took vitex for 6 months before getting pregnant. It took about 3 months to regulate my period and 3 months to catch the egg.

If you get vitex on amazon you can get it in 2 packs for the price of one. it's I believe about 6 months worth. I also used progesterone cream after confirmed ovulation.

My friend emily also got pregnant using vitex. Both our cycles were very off, spotting, periods late, etc.

My cycles went from 37 26 35 25 --- to 30 28 29 30 or something like that. so I am pro vitex. I also took it until I was 9 weeks pregnant and slowly weened off as not to lose the baby.

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by Gabbi0312, Oct 15, 2012
Aww thanks girlie (MeYeah) i will be trying it in November 2012 :)) i hope. i just hope it does help.
right now i've been spotting for 10 almost 11 days straight with no sign of stopping :(((

952542 tn?1456763561
by Gardezi, Oct 16, 2012
the only thing i would suggest as per my own experience would be geritol complete(pill form)...for me personally, it helped ALOT with CM, regulating my periods and i got prego naturally during my third month. try using it for 2-3 months as a multivitamin and i know u'll see great results. fingers n toes crossed for ya.

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by Gabbi0312, Oct 16, 2012
thanks. yah i will try to use something for the month of NOVEMBER. right now i am on CD11 and still spotting.... its totally lame but i think i might be Oing soon though cause ive had bad left O pains for about 2 days now.... so ill see. idk. i still do lots of BD-ING just in case lol :))

1677620 tn?1384141101
by MeYeah, Oct 16, 2012
Just remember that it generally takes ANY supplement a couple months to kick in. So if you plan on doing vitex do it for a few months not just one. You may see zero results right away but eventually you will see it.

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by Gabbi0312, Oct 16, 2012
ah yeah i will be buying the 2 pack of vitex this upcoming paycheck :))) since its only like 11 bucks!

1045727 tn?1463742983
by Vantom, Oct 16, 2012
good luck sis im praying for ya :)

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by Gabbi0312, Oct 16, 2012
thanks vantom! ssbd to you too! i hope we get our BFPS soon.
i am on cd 11 almost 12 and really i might actually be Oing even though i am spotting... ive had o pains for 2 days on the left now... hmm

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