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The Worst Pain Imaginable!

Jan 24, 2009 - 3 comments

Pain in my body I can bear. The pain of a loved one doubting my pain is horrific. The pain of being demeaned for acting sick is almost unbearable.
I actually had feelings of hopelessness and wished I had the guts to end it this week. (No one panic, I did not have plans, just a vague desire.)
I have snapped out of it now. My pain and ability to tolerate it is not dependent on who believes me.

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by mskluv, Jan 24, 2009
i will pray for you.

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by ngio64, Jan 24, 2009
My husband is usually  very supportive. When he isn't it really rocks my boat. Thanks for the prayers!

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by ozziebear775, Jan 24, 2009
This is a common problem with chronic pain patients. My advice is to read books about your condition -this will give you a sense of validation. There are also books that will help you cope with the pain (thru relaxation, cognitive therapy, meditation etc.)   There are many groups online that will offer support and empathy to help you through this.  

There are sections in my quarterly newsletters titled, "Dealing With Loved Ones".  Ultimately, however, people cannot feel other people's pain. They don't understand. That is why there are people out there with various organizations who are fighting hard for pain patients: The American Pain Institute, the Pain Relief Network and the National Pain Patients Coalition, The Fibromialgia network.

Become a member, join the chat rooms and posting boards. You'll find you are not alone. Maybe someday you will decide to become a member, and then an advocate!

Good Luck!


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