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Running in Cooler Weather

Oct 16, 2012 - 0 comments








I always have to stop and think before I go running in the cooler weather. This Autumn morning it was 47 degrees so I had to dress to stay warm but not too warm.

It's tricky because I don't want to get cold, and I certainly don't want to be too hot. That's the worst! So, I try to find the right balance.

Today I went out a little after 8:00am and ran three miles. I decided to wear my running tights and no shirt. If the wind had been blowing that wouldn't have been warm enough, but today it was calm and sunny. (The air is usually still early in the morning.)

I felt really strong today. I could have run further. My body temp was just a notch below perfect, a little cool. But, it was great. I wasn't overheated, and I was barley sweating. I could see my breath! : )

At some point in the next few weeks I will have to add a shirt, but for now it feels great to wear just my tights.

Have a great day!

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