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Jan 25, 2009 - 2 comments

We found out my son's viral level is now officially UND, week 12.  We had to wait a day after the test to get the results and it was a little nerve wracking.  The Dr. said he would be shocked if the level would go up but it does happen.  His week 4 viral level was less than 10, but still positive.  This gives us a little boost and encouragement.

Unfortunately the sides seem to be going full force ahead.  Especially the mental but the physical are also troublesome.  My sons college load is now at a minimum, 12 credits, but we are not sure how he will be able to complete these.  Hard to think clearly!?  We are researching a new law that allows medical leave from college and still stay under the parents insurance policy.  It looks like the law does not take effect until late 2009.  Not sure what to do but we will contact the college tomorrow for suggestions.

We came home from Dr's visit with more prescriptions.  Lots of pill bottles sitting around, hope they help but also worry about becoming dependent on them.

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by lalapple, Jan 30, 2009
i know what you mean about being a full time student, i was 13hrs last semester and 12 this semester.  i get really angry at times esp bc i commute during rush hour everyday from school.  i was UND at 12 wks and on wk 32 out of 48 right now.  try to not take the pills that he won't need right now esp antidepressant.  i've been trying to avoid those just keep the mood up i know this sounds simple but it takes a heavy effort.  i've been on Neupogen shots since 4th wk and hepa just called prescribed Procit shots for anemia now that it's finally tanked below 10.  that makes 3 self injects per week including the Intereferon and weekly lab works.  on top of that, appeal for my ticket is still pending, i have a dad and a grandpa in the hospital with no relatives but neighbors living close, trying to self learn my second semester of physics bc i can't understand a thing my physics teacher says, have school for the entire day for the whole day, and go 8hrs back to back classes on thursdays.

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by jankar, Feb 17, 2009
Hi kciav,

Thanks for the comments about my sister.  We hope the cancer is contained. I am doing Ok but the shock has made me a bit more depressed and tired. Only to be expected I guess.

Can your son just enrol in as many classes as he needs to to get the insurance but not attend (you say 12 credits) - which means he fails but he can go back.  Or attend but not do the assignment work? I guess that might be expensive or can he not get the insurance if he fails? In NZ fees are subsidised and it costs students on the course I teach on about $4500NZ a year for 96 credits of full time study.  They can come back and redo the papers they fail once they have been offered the initial place in the course.  


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