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Overall malaise

Jan 23, 2009 - 0 comments






For the past couple of days I have not been feeling to well. The nausea and overall malaise is kicking my butt. I went to my pcp because with all of my other symptoms and these kicked up a notch was overwelming to me. Plus I needed to get another referal to another neurologist.

He sat bewildered, as well as concerned, as I told him my symptoms, what went on with the other neurologist and why I hadnt come back immediately after what happened.

He reviewed my latest test revealing what I have come to expect......all were negative with the exception of the EEG which he didnt have the results. I told him I couldnt understand why are all my test coming back negative when I have so many symptoms its not funny. I told him I wanted to get the referal to the Cleveland Clinic. He said he would try his best. My insurance is good but the referal process is a mess.

In the end I left there with a precription of Xanxax (he wanted Cymbalta but KP doesnt cover it), a new test to check my gallbadder, and the office trying to get me into the Cleveland Clinic (I would be so happy if they were able to do so). All in all I have a great PCP doctor. He sits down, listens and acts on his concerns. I am blessed to have him.

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