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Repeated testing and feeling ill

Oct 20, 2012 - 0 comments







STD Testing


oral sex

I find it frustrating that some of the Dr. I have visited refuse to even order any tests, instead they just pass out pills.  I do not wish to repeat the same tests over and over, but I also find it frustrating when the dr. do not want to order some other tests that I have never had.  This leads me on to the next Dr. office, which I am about sick of going through.  Walk in clinics offer some testing, but they are limited in what they can order or test.  

This illness has been a very frustrating experience for me.  The doc tell me I do not have any bacterial infection, then they give me abx.   I was told I do not have any fungus on my skin, but then they give me an antifungal cream.  Another dr. tells me they have no idea what I have, but in the same breath that they are confident it is not contagious. My exposure was  low risk for HIV but I am certain that my illness began a few days following my sexual encounter.

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