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Oct 21, 2012 - 2 comments

day 5











I am awake at 2.43am.
I often wake in the wee small hours.
I haven't slept consistently well since I had the ablation which probably doesn't help my well being.
I'm writing a bit more about my earlyablation experiences.

17.10.12 I stayed the night in hospital after the ablation because my blood pressure was very low, my heartbeat was slow and I'd had a bleed from the catheter site and 'fainted'.
The next day (18.10.12) I left the hospital with my husband and we drove to visit a friend who lives near Te Awamutu, about 30 minutes from Hamilton, where I had the ablation.
We had lunch at my friends, a slow walk around her garden and then we drove home and arrived about 5.30pm.
My leg was very sore at the catheter insertion site in my groin and I had to hold it straight out when sitting to be more comfortable. Bending it hurt.

I was welcomed by my family, admired my grandbaby and then iced a cake that my friend had made because it was my husband's birthday.
3 more family members arrived and we had dinner.
I was getting up from my chair quite often to get things. I probably overdid it but I felt happy and didn't notice my body's needs clearly.
Around 9pm I noticed that i was starting to feel shaky and at about 10pm I noticed that my heart was beating fast.
My husband checked my heart rate and called an ambulance. I was very frightened.

When the ambulance arrived they did an ECG and then took me to hospital to the ED. I had all the usuall checks, my heart rate slowed back down and blood pressure which had been high went back to normal.
They put me in an out of the way bed, my husband went home and I waited on my own until around 4.00am, unable to sleep becaue of the lights, noise and bustle in ED.
I got upset and talked to a nurse. Then a Dr came and talked to me and reassured me that i was okay.

At 5.00 am i was sent to a cardiology ward and i finally got some sleep.
I woke after about an hour with what felt like fast heartbeats.Then I had some pain in my lower roght torso. I told a nurse and went back to sleep. When it was daytime (19.10.12) I asked the nurse about the incident and she said that it was just atrial flutters. I was happy because my heart rate was continuing normal.

I only had about 2 hours sleep and then the daily routine on the ward began.
I dozed a bit more during the morning.

At lunchtime i was allowed to leave the hospital.
My husband picked me up and we went and visited his mother who lives nearby. I just relaxed on her sofa and when we went home I continued to rest. My leg was still sore and stiff.
In the late evening I had an emotional meltdown. Had a big cry on my husbands shoulder and then cried some more.
I had a good sleep that night.
I got up about 6am (my usual time) but I went back to bed and slept until about 10am.

20.10.12 In the  night i woke with achy pain over my left side around the ribcage area in my back. I woke my poor husband and asked him to rub my back in that area and after a bit it stopped hurting.
Today I rested. We had family visit and had a shared tea but I didn't do anything-just lay on the sofa.  I stayed up late watching a movie. My catheter insertion site in my groin was getting more comfortable. The bruising was darkening and spreading. I have 4 cut marks where catheters were inserted.

I felt tired and a bit depressed all day. I mainly lay on the sofa reading or sat at the computer browsing. My leg is moving more freely with much less pain.
I had a lot more sensation of achy burning in my chest. I had some stabbing pains in my chest in the evening. I'd had pains like that before either due to WPW or muscular skeletal so I just thought 'what next?' and had a bit of a grizzle.
I feel lots of aches all over my body. I think some of it is from being poked and prodded for many various medical procedures, some from having to lie still for so many hours on Wednesday, and being fairly inactive since.

I woke when my husband came to bed around 1.30pm. Then I got up for a bathroom visit and noticed tha it was a big effort. I still felt very fatigued and weak . I was fed up and turned the light on and sat up in bed for a while before getting up.
I feel, emotionally and mentally, somewhat better after reading peoples replies to my request for support and after writing this out.

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by demps123, Oct 21, 2012
I don't think anyone really prepares you for the emotional side to having to go through anything like an ablation. So it's great when we can all come on here and read up on other people's experiences and ask any questions. I think it has helped me feel more prepared for what i may experience in the recovery period, so if i do feel aches and pains i won't panic too much. Keep us updated and rest up. Good excuse to get your husband to treat you like a princess! all the best

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by hesterbox, Oct 22, 2012
Thank you : )

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