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hmm, my body must hate me lol

Oct 21, 2012 - 8 comments

so starting Oct 6th i started spotting brown and it lasted until Oct 19th...  ( lasted 14 days ) and its the 21st and  nothing  now but i am not sure since it wasnt a period at all.... hmmm... odd? any of you experience this and end up being prego or something else? i really highly doubt i am pregnant too. i havent tested since the 5th i believe.... or the 4th... since i dont think i am... i was really sick this morning but seem to be fine except i am straving feeling right now... and some cramps but nothing else. weird. oh well, time to move on :))

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by LovemyKids86, Oct 21, 2012
Do you have a cheapie test? If you were preg it would def show up!

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by Gabbi0312, Oct 21, 2012
i havent tested since Oct 4th and at this point I HIGHLY doubt i am pregnant so i wont test but my bf thinks i could be i just dont know it or i need a blood test, idk. ill see if i get a period this month, i am almost cd 17 already.

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by Carly1306, Oct 21, 2012
You really need to see a doctor, because your cycles are still REALLY messed up after having the IUD removed. It's not normal to spot that long and it supposed to be a period. Even if you were pregnant, you wouldn't spot 14 days in a row either. I'd really, really urge you to see a doctor and have some blood tests done to check your hormone levels and maybe a pap/STD check too to make sure everything is okay.

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by KTowne, Oct 21, 2012
It may be a thyroid issue, too, because I had a lot of the same problems you've mentioned before I had my son, and that can prevent you from getting pregnant, I'm regulated with a medication everyday now, and got pregnant both times take my medicine correctly!

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by Gabbi0312, Oct 21, 2012
i am going to see how this cycle goes, i did a OPK on cd 14 and it was almost positive so i might have already O'd i will test again soon.

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by missybirt, Oct 21, 2012
Don't doubt the insight of the man in your life. My ex new for sure I was pregnant even after I took a test and it showed up negative. I was pregnant for 14 wks. Test, the men are always right!

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by Gabbi0312, Oct 21, 2012
MissyBirt: you tested and got a negative but you were actually pregnant? did you spot at all?
its weird i really havent spotted like that since i first got my period back in like 2004... so idk its weird... and i was sick to my stomach this morning along with heartburn/acid reflex really bad today. it started @ 7am today... and i havent really been able to eat anything except until like 6pm when i had chili... thats all ive been able to handle its weirdddd. :(
hmmm i wonder if i could be pregnant and i just need a blood test... i think i would be near 7 weeks if i were to go by last period and not include the spotting as a period.but i REALLLYYY do NOT think i am pregnant. i tested on october 4th & it was negative....

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by Stashie23009, Apr 25, 2013
i hope u still get on. maybe this could help you :) worth a try maybe if you have the

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