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Day 7    24.10.12

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Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome












Blood clots



It is a week since I had the ablation and I've had the best day so far.
I'm very aware now of how much better I feel when I can be with happy caring people and choose to do whatever makes me feel happy.
I find it is important for me to take my mind off discomfort and heart rhythm.
I decided again not to go to work.
Today was a beautiful sunny day and I started the day by having the neighbours 2 children over before school because their Mum had to go to work early.
We all had breakfast and I had my shower (the earliest shower time for a week ) Then I walked the children and 6 week old Blossom, in her stroller, down to the school bus stop. The children were much faster than me.
After the bus came I walked home in the Spring sunshine. Looking at gardens and hearing the birds sing i had a sense of wellbeing and happiness.
Blossom's Mummy spent the day with me. I enjoyed her company. I did some baby washing and hung it out to dry in the sun and breeze because I love doing this.
The midwife came for a pleasnt visit.
After lunch we gave Blossom a bath, dressed her up in a pretty romper and had a photo session.
Later I went for another walk  to the shop-two walks today!
The second time I noticed that i was walking faster and I didn't get out of breath. I was very pleased.
I've been fairly active today. I've had lots of sitting time in between and putting my feet up when I need to.

Physical symptoms:
My heart is still burny and a bit sore. The degree varies. When I do more it becomes more intense. I don't like the burny pain.It is hard to ignore.
I had a couple of short single pricking pains in my heart this morning. I wasn't really worried. It is more of a curiosity now. I think 'What next?'

Today I've had long periods of time without noticing my heartbeat. It still feels jumpy and fluttery if I focus on it but I'm not bothered if I can ignore it.
I'm used to missed beats and flutters from having WPW.
It is fast racing beats, lightheadeness, feeling faint, and breathlesssness that I really don't like. If that is over I will be very happy.
I haven't had the lightheadedness today, thankfully. I didn't like that. It's too like my old WPW symptoms.

If I scrunch my torso and bend my chest downward when I'm sitting my heart area feels uncomfortable.
I notice if I carry something that is a bit too heavy or I hold something up for too long. I held up some toys to make Blossom smile for the photos and I became uncomfortable in the heart area when I'd done it for a while.

Sometimes I have had minor pains in my head, briefly, but that isn't new so it may not be related to my recovery from ablation. It just triggers my fear of blood clots. This isn't new either. It has been a bit of a family ghost because my maternal grandfather died of a clot in the brain when he was younger than me. I don't dwell on it but I get a bit worried if I have an unexplained pain in my head. So far they've always gone away innocently :)

My catheter wound area has been more uncomfortable today. I noticed this morning that it was hard to find a good sitting position that didn't make it ache. It seems okay at the moment, just a minor background niggle.

I'm being mindful of what i eat. I've cut right back on sugar because it doesn't help me when I need to heal and regain energy. I'm making sure that i eat plenty of fruit and veges and heart friendly food like salmon, tuna, walnuts, oats. I am remembering to take my multi-vitamin.
I've been asked to take Cartia for 3 months and I have been doing so. I would like to eat lots of garlic, onions and other blood thinning foods instead, but I certainly don't want any clots. I've got the enteric coated type because I've had stomach ulcers in the past ( coinciding with the end of another period of time when I had to take Cartia). Hopefully I won't have any tummy trouble this time

Overall I think I've made good recovery progress now that I've reached the one week milestone. I'm thinking that i might go to work for a little while tomorrow.
My daughter-in-law has offered to come with me so that I don't have to drive on my own.

I feel very blessed with my wonderful family and friends, including the new companions I have made on this website. Thank you.

Wow! I've had so much more energy today and more as the day went on. I'm amazed.
I had two more walks with Blossom in the evening to help her go to sleep when her mummy was out.
I went up and down our steps at a faster pace.

Hopefully I haven't overdone it.
I will go to bed early.My chest is achy but I'm very happy.

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