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Shaved my head--why is it so hard?

Jan 28, 2009 - 5 comments

shaved head chemo difficult

I expected to lose my hair after the first chemo and was all set to shave my head.  However after the first chemo I just had a couple of days of heavy shedding and then nothing.  Only thing you could tell was knowing that I had to put two more loops with my pony tail as compared to normal.  Second and Third chemo came and went....and my hair stayed.  Fourth chemo was two weeks ago.  One week ago my hair did the big blow---losing so much I was giving my Retrievers a real run for the money on who could shed and blow coat at a faster rate.  

Today I shaved my head. I found it far more difficult to do in actuality than I anticipated,  You know how beautiful some women look bald?  Well I am SO NOT one of them

I do have a lovely wig that is quite flattering however I expect to only wear it in certain situations.  I do at least look good in a baseball cap and have several nice ones to choose from.  I have buying some fun earrings---some I might normally wear as they are just a bit over the top.  I am in need of serious style right now,

My cat has spent a ton of time grooming my new hair cut.  She just keep looking at me, shakes her head and then starts to take over with my style.

My father was upset about it as he didnt want me to shave  but I couldnt live with the molting that was happening.  I wanted to take charge and make a decision.

Anyone have a favorite place for colorful scarves?  

I notice that my eyebrows and eye lashes are almost gone--still a few stray hairs,

Tomorrow I meet with my Onc to see if we are going to do 3 rounds of IP chemo.  We had it set for 3 weeks ago and then came upon a nationwide shortage of cisplatin.  But it appears more drug is making into the pipeline so by next week I could be in the hospital having the port implanted and then follow up with the 24 hr Taxol and then IP Taxol. This will be the first time IP has been done at this hospital so I am the first victim er volunteer. However the Dr, NP and another RN have a lot of experience with the protocol,  I know they will keep a good eye on me.

Have to say I will be glad when this month is over. It has just been far too emotional on a variety of levels.  I just want the drama to decrease.

Bald-headed regards,


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415684 tn?1257329318
by JC145, Jan 28, 2009
Oh, Teri ... I  remember how devastated I was when my dtr. & husband shaved my head for me.  We tried to make it an "event", but it sucked.  When I looked in the mirror, I saw a sick person .. not me.  I had short, simple hair .. but it didn't matter .. it screamed CANCER back at me.  It took 24 hrs and then I was able to shake it off and move forward.  I lost mine after round 2.  That was August, 2006.  As of this month, I am back in chemo and will lose it again.  I hope it doesn't bother so much this time.

There are other women who do chemo in the hospital.  I had IV/IP, after debulking surgery, for 6 rounds.  Cisplatin/Taxol.  I had it done in the MD's office.  Taxol Day 1 IV .. Cisplatin Day 2 IP .. Taxol .. Day 3 IP.  

On a positive note, once you finish, your hair starts back rather quickly.

I wish you good luck and God's blessings.


329994 tn?1301663248
by lvfrogs, Jan 28, 2009
I cannot truly understand what you are going through, but I wanted to say that I admire the women who shave their heads.  I think it takes courage and guts and it shows me, there goes a very strong woman.  I will keep you in my prayers for this next round. I also like your sense of humor - giving the Retrievers a run for their money - made me laugh! Hugs to you and Judy,

653618 tn?1260603643
by doicat, Jan 28, 2009
Hey "groomed person"
So you did it!  When I saw your were gearing up for the shave, I thought it would be harder for you than you anticipated.  You have such lovely blond (natural I believe) hair though I know you are NOT the vain person.  But, there is something about losing the hair that is very hard.  I'm so sorry.  I've thought that I got rid of my hair too soon but, like you, I just got tired of the "molting".  

As for the wig vs. scarf thing...just do what feels best for you.  I thought I'd never wear the wig but have just found that it's easier all around to put the thing on when I leave the house like shoes.  I don't have to think/coordinate a goes with everything.  Scarfs require coordination, thought, planning.  Yuck.  Now come this summer, I will probably change my mind and do more scarfs because it is cooler.  We will see.  

How did your meeting with the ONC go?  Let me know what's going on with your chemo.  Take care and have a bald friend up here in Austin.


349465 tn?1289081764
by Teresa222, Jun 24, 2009 has your hair grown back? It should be looking pretty good by now. Do you have a different color or texture of hair? I really do. Mine is a totally new head of hair. It could have come from a different person.

I'm STILL baffled about your doctors missing your cancer type. I don't understand. I haven't researched your former type, but I have come to the conclusion that clear cell is no worse than some of the others. This is only by using comparisions here on MedHelp as to who has made it and who hasn't.  Also, I try to watch pretty closely how the clear cell gals CA125's act with chemo compared to the other women.

684804 tn?1259362501
by Tealoak, Jun 24, 2009
Hi Teresa #1

My hair is JUST starting to come back in. Since I did 9 carbo/taxol treatments, my last one was May 7th.  My eyebrows look like smudges that need to be wiped off my face.  My hair is still too short and standing straight up to have a clue what it is doing. I cant even tell color--some either very blond or grey; some looks dark blond?  If I do the phase 2 trial with Taxotere it will be gone again anyway.

Actually I havent minded be bald at all. I rarely wear a wig, just a ball cap.  LOVE not having had to shave since October; showering and dressing couldnt be much faster.  In the Houston heat & humidity being bald is a pretty good deal....through the winter it was rather drafty


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