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My father has Congestive Heart Failure and is not going to live long.

Jan 28, 2009 - 0 comments

Congestive Heart Failure


urea nitrogen




Heart Failure

'I am having a hard time with this which really suprises me because he has had this for 10 years and i have been prepared for his death, I thought.  I have so many unanswered questions about different blood tests bieng done and the results of those tests.  I have two sisters i am the baby.  My oldest sister doesn't care alot for my father she is his step daughter and they have never really had a good relationship, she was a very rebelious teenager and he was a police officer and tried everything to get her away from the people she should avoid and she has always resented him for that, I am sure there are other things but I don't know for sure.  My other sister is a meth junkie who doesn't really care what is goingon unless she can get  some money or drugs from the outcome, she has a different mother than I do, so really I am the only one with the father and the mother.  My dad and mom divorced 17years ago, he cheated, so she doesn't have a real high regard for him, sure she doesn't want him to die but she doesn't really like him either.  So (and I am not complaining) I just feel a little alone during this time and I am having a hard time not bieng able to talk to anyone about it, no one wants to hear me or deal with it.  So tomorrow I am going back to the hospital after I take my daughter to school, hopefully the Dr. won't get there until after I am there.  Then I can pin him down and get some of these questions answered.  If any of you has any idea bout urea nitrogen levels and congestive heart failure I would apreciate the help.  His urea nitrogen level is 90, normal range is 5-25.  I wonder if this is going to give him a higher risk of death.  His creatinine level is 2.7 which I know isn't good either.  What level do they normally start dialysis?  He is 4+ edemiatic which they said is about as high as the number goes and then...and thats when they stopped themselves.  So what then?  Death?  I know he is dying, I have prepared myself (who am I kidding, is anyone ever prepared).  So if any of you have any information for me be very appreciative of your help.   Thank You and God Bless You.  

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