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officially four months since ablation

Nov 02, 2012 - 0 comments





Wolf Parkinson White

so it's been four months I've been feeling so much better after a short uptick in palpitations or bumps in the chest whatever you want to call it they have been slowing down. I definitely think they got worse with stress of my baby teething, not getting much sleep and trying to exercise too much too soon, I have also notice they do tend to pick up when my "friend" comes to visit once a month, sorry if that's TMI. I started using the heart rhythm tracker when the palpitations picked up in September so it is interesting to see that since September 26 I have had 12 instances of what feels like a very short bump of the heart very mild it only last well as quick as a heartbeat so this is much better than before and this past week it only happened once on Halloween it was getting late and I had been running around all day so I was extremely tired. Still taking it day by day but very optimistic, getting back into the old cardio workout at this point I am up to a mile a day on the treadmill. I don't want to push myself too hard after all I still have to take care of a six month old which is a workout all on it's own.

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