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Mar 05, 2008 - 0 comments

Ok, so I hurt my back a few week's ago and now I'm paying for it big time! I have been in bed the past 4 day's and have lost so much sleep....I went for an MRI today and thought I was going to die lying on that table.... It hurt my back so bad.... Everyone at the dr's office is saying I pinched a nerve, but it doesn't feel like it... I have so much pressure in my lower back, and when I move wrong of stand up and my back pops the pressure get's worse.. When I'm laying down, about 5 minutes after I lay down my left leg get's tingly and numb.... But it's only when I lay down..... When I stand up or sit, I'm fine... I just can't stand or sit for too long....... *sighs* I just don't know what to do.. Everytime stuff starts to go right it, something happens to make it all go bad...... I am just so sick of this! *sighs*

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