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Starting Doxycycline to try and stir up Lymes

Nov 06, 2012 - 2 comments

Well after months and months i have finally got my Doxycycline. I did try them a few weeks back but the tablet was too large for me and i nearly choked so the doctor has ordered special dispersable ones and i finally got them yesterday afternoon.

So this morning is day 1. I took the tablet as prescribed it was fine, didnt taste too horrible lol but so easy to just put it in water, and let it disperse and then swallow it.

That was at 9am its now 11am, and i am feel really tired, and tingly in my legs.

Resting now anyway which i usually do.

So next one is this evening.

I wonder what will happen maybe nothing, but last time i took Tetracycline for a gum abcess it stirred up something as i had scratch marks around my torso.

Will do entry each day.

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by MrsAristotle, Nov 08, 2012
2nd full day of antibiotics.

Good so far. I have had lots of itchy patches on my arm, pain in my shins, wrist and joints. This morning 7th i was sweating and hot and needed to shower. I have noticed a couple of my odd and weird catch scratches showing up now in the left side. I am soooo tired but that could just be the antibiotics.

my legs are burning and buzzing and fizzing all the time at the moment more then normal, and I feel a lot off balance this morning.

For the first time in ages i can remember i woke up with both hands numb and dead.

Otherwise i dont seem to be having any adverse sick or tummy ache from antibiotics i usually get. I am taking them with food, and a probiotic as well.

So far so good.

One thing quite good is before i started the antibiotics i had burning in my urine again but the culture came back this has stopped in 2 days...and I am not rusing to the toilet all the time...makes me wonder if these dip stick tests are accurate to be honest.

Oh yes i have worsening of black cobwebs in my eye today.

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by Drfromexperience, Nov 19, 2017
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