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Week 12 Post Treatments Labs

Nov 06, 2012 - 8 comments

Week 12 Post Treatments Labs

PCR QUAL-sensitivity <15-negative ((((UND))))

Results                            Reference range

WBC 8.4                        4.0-10.0 giga/L
RBC 4.71                       4.20-5.40 tera/L
Hemoglobin 148            133-165 g/L
Platelet Count 173         150-400 giga/L
Neutrophils 6.2               2.0-7.5 giga/L
Lymphocytes 1.4            1.0-4.0 giga/L
ALT 14                            <60 U/L
AST 13                            <35 U/L

AST/ALT Ratio-0.93
FIB-4 Score-0.98

My theme song these dayz

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by rivll, Nov 06, 2012
Woohoo Dannyboi!!! I am so happy for you.
What a perfect song.
All the best to you, my friend.

1747881 tn?1546175878
by hrsepwrguy, Nov 06, 2012
Congrats excellent news, on to SVR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wishing you all the best

1815939 tn?1377991799
by pooh55811, Nov 07, 2012
This is wonderful news. Congratulations!

And I agree. The song is perfect.

1986676 tn?1329862471
by Revalation, Nov 07, 2012
Thanking God for the blessing!!!
Now racing to the SVR finish line!!!
Keep the good news coming...

3230925 tn?1397615965
by Dannyboi7, Nov 07, 2012
Thanks guys,couldn't feel any better,my BD is in a week,this is the best gift ever.This ol' catholic boy as been blessed in many ways.Wishing you all the best.

Avatar universal
by rivll, Nov 07, 2012
:-D So happy for you

163305 tn?1333668571
by orphanedhawk, Nov 07, 2012
Wonderful labs, on indeed to SVR !

548668 tn?1394187222
by Kristina538, Nov 07, 2012
WhoopWhoop!! - I've been waiting and checking for this news!!  (not as much as you, I'm sure ;-).      HUGE congratulations and well done you!!!   (have a wonderful, wonderful Birthday :))!!

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