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Lucy 11-10-12

Nov 10, 2012 - 1 comments



Breast Cancer





It has been a while that I have not been updated the journal.  Why, because life it good.  Lucy is doing extremely good.  It is like nothing happened.  She likes her tummy rubbed again and we cannot feel anything different than before the operation.

Lucy is full of energy, eats well, plays and rest.  For her age (14), she still plays like a kitten.  We have no regrets in our decision.  The operation (removing all her mammary glands on one side) was a difficult decision but it was worth it, based on the pleasure and fun we now share with lucy.  Not doing the chemo was good - for us - as she is doing fine.

I still would like to thanks everyone (and especially Opus88) who has shared our day to day ups and down.  Having such a community was a great help.  Thank you again.

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by opus88, Nov 10, 2012
oh our little Lucy......what a girl!!! I am just tickled pink to hear this wonderful news about her, thats awesome!!!!
Its so hard to see into the future to decide what to do when given any diagnosis...especially when things don't turn out for the best, than we second guess our wisdom at the time.....but in her case it sure has turned out to be one very right decision. It has so far bought you another 5 months together, 5 comfortable months for her and I sure hope MANY MORE....
thanks so much for the update. Many kitty hugs ((>^.^<)) and belly rubs to our dear Lucy...keep being that kitten pretty girl :)
so glad the community was of help and you are very very welcome. nice to hear from you and Lucy.
take care

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