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Atrocious wrtitng

Feb 02, 2009 - 17 comments

Some one remarked that writing is atrocious.He has analysed my five lines and declared that i am atrocious writer quoting that deaf people are deficient in reading and writing ability.
The question is " Is the word- Atrocious- apt descriptive word for evaluating writing .
Atrocious acts can be done by a powerful person on weak people.Atrocities are done by terrorists.But labeling bad writing as atrocious appears to be uncalled for.It will be interesting to find out words which can be used to describe a good or bad writing.

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by RobertW900, Feb 02, 2009
Atrocious is a perfectly acceptable word to describe someone's writing. Writing is considered an art form, and when someone mangles a sentence, it can be an atrocity.

Other words used to describe poor writing:

You have bad writing. Your sentence structure is flawed.  You do not use proper punctuation, grammar or capitalization. On the other hand, you don't seem to be writing short stories, fiction, works of literature or poetry, or anything else with the assumption of professional recognition so... who the hell cares? You get your point across and you seem to be trying so more power to you.  No, I would not say your writing is atrocious, but it could use a lot of work to be passable for proper English.  

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by dai3symae, Feb 02, 2009
I read the post you refer to.  I think the young man was judgemental and unkind when he used the word atrocious to describe your writing.  Many of my students have come to the US from other countries and English is not their 1st language.  I have often wondered if I could learn to communicate in another language the way they have.  I'm not sure that I could.

I thought his response said much more about him than about you.

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by Nancy T, Feb 03, 2009
It would be acceptable to characterize someone's command of English using terms such as "poor," "fair," "good," and "excellent," just as you would grade someone's schoolwork. Informally, one might say that someone has "bad English" or "good English" in a descriptive but nonjudgmental way. If someone's English was hard to understand, I personally would probably not even say "He has bad English" but rather "His English is not very good." But if someone says another person has "bad English," I wouldn't assume the speaker is being judgmental, but rather simply indicating that the person has very limited English skills.

Words such as "atrocious" and the other words cited by RobertW are judgmental and have highly negative connotations. It is absolutely not necessary or helpful to use such terms to describe someone's command of a language, although they could be used to describe, for example, the writings of racists, antisemites, etc.

All that matters in a non-classroom setting is whether the purpose of communication is being fulfilled. Dalubaba, your English is perfectly understandable. Everyone can understand what you are trying to communicate IN THIS CONTEXT, even though you wouldn't be hired as an English professor or employed as a UN translator. (And the sentiments you communicated in your last post on the thread in question show that you're a thoughtful and nonjudgmental person yourself.)

Anyone's efforts to communicate in a language that is not their native language should be applauded and appreciated, not insulted (although I don't think that W/a/J actually intended an insult; it's likely just his not-always-thoughtful way of speaking/writing, but that still doesn't make it appropriate--I wonder how his cochlear-implant patients would feel if he told them their English was "atrocious").

That's my two cents. :)

Nancy T.

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by Dalubaba, Feb 05, 2009
I thank you all for putting the subject in the proper perspective. I believe that this forum is to help people  to associate themselves with people having similar problems.This association can create a congenial   atmosphere for mutual help. For this to happen one should have good bed-side manner.The half of the agony of the patient is ameliorated by the bed-side manner of an advisor. I participate in the forum from this type of understanding.
I am happy to receive your positive response. I thank you all.

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by ivgirl, Feb 03, 2013
The only one you judge when judging another is yourself. I am very happy to read your posts and grateful for your insights.

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by meegWpaw, Feb 03, 2013
i agree with ivgirl.  there are many kinds of writing and all writers bring different attributes to the table.  never let someone stifle your voice.  your voice (in writing as in other media) belongs to you.

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by nursegirl6572, Feb 03, 2013
Don't know if you guys noticed the date on this journal?  It's 4 years old!  :0)

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by meegWpaw, Feb 03, 2013
oh oops , nope i didn't NG!  thanx lady!  hey but i still FEEL that way so there :p

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by Dalubaba, Feb 04, 2013
yes it is an old post. restoring the old post is quite pleasant as it shows that you are still together. we had a group of 16 people . Now we are 3 after almost 50 years. we just meet once in a while for a dinner.Old association gives a flavor of immortality.

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by LivingInHope, Feb 04, 2013
Typically, I've heard the word atrocious associated with handwriting that is very difficult to decipher/read.  A prime example: doctors are stereotyped as being notorious for their atrocious writing- one has only to ask a pharmacist who has tried to read many doctors' handwritten prescriptions to find someone who will attest to how that can often be the case.

If someone is deaf, how well they communicate in their native language is directly linked to the quality of their education and secondly, to their level of intelligence.  To be able to communicate in a second language shows a person has been gifted by God with a level of intelligence that is not low.

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by Dalubaba, Feb 05, 2013
I had to confess that I had  and have atrocious handwriting.When I was in school, l had thought of becoming a doctor and I knew that doctors have worst handwriting. So stupidly i spoiled my handwriting. Mr. M.K Gandhi, father of our nation has confessed that his handwriting was worst and agreed that you cannot improve handwriting after certain age.These were the excuses, i used to make when I was criticized for my handwriting.
At the age of 75, I thought of improving my handwriting.The teacher guaranteed improvement in a week's time. Yes I heard about the new method.I could not attend the classes- so I am where i was.Computer typing and spell-check feature and receptive forum members have made me to participate in chatting.Thanks for your response.

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by LivingInHope, Feb 06, 2013
I had commenting when young from a teacher about how I needed improvement in penmanship.  This was likely not helped by the fact I was forced to switch from writing left handed to right handed in school.

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by Dalubaba, Feb 07, 2013
My youngest son used to write with left hand. On our insistence he did write with right hand for some time and revert back to left hand.He is totally a left-hander.
I read a book on graphology long back. It does not write about appearance of hand writing, it talks about horizontal stroke of t and so many other characteristic, indicating the attributes of a person. Even it has suggested different strokes for improving personality. Recently some one suggested that I may change my signature by making it flow up ward. She also said that you can put a small dot like arrow little away from main signature. She hinted that this change can improve my luck.She is a holistic therapist One local web site shows a sample of improved hand writing after 8 days training only. An old man 0f 75 could change his hand writing. Probably some method of changing the way one writes.. .

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by LivingInHope, Feb 07, 2013
I changed the way I signed my name when I saw someone do a letter a different way than the way I learned and liked the way they did it.  

The part about changing luck the person told you- sounds like she is trying to play off wishful thinking.  

Proverbs 16:33  God controls everyone's lot in life.  But I do believe I should try to do my best to write legibly when expecting others to read my writing.

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by Dalubaba, Feb 08, 2013
I also take it as a wishful thinking.I am 82. There is no meaning in changing luck when you are at the end of the journey. I have tried to receptive at least in last few years.I have always believed' improve yourself to deserve what your want' If you got what you want, consider it as a grace of God.Of course, this is digression from a lighter subject to a heavier subject.First line of my daily prayer is' I thank thee for the abundance created through me'

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by aheart, Feb 08, 2013
Ah-ha! They got us yet again with their old posts! Always interesting though, so what the heck, right?

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by Dalubaba, Feb 08, 2013
Imagine a situation. You come to New york. You knew your friend is staying in queen's area. you do not know his address.He is not in telephone directory. You just go to Queen's are. You walk down the road and you find your friend. He asks you where you are going, You replied I came to see you. He is flabbergasted that you have met him without having the address. what will you call this incident a miracle? strong visualization? coincidence? well I had experienced such situation when I came to metro city from town and met my friend. Meeting at the journal is just a similar situation. Of course we met at many different forums and with common friends.

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