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Nov 15, 2012 - 0 comments



frequent urination


Nipple soreness







Been feeling more than relieved since my Dr on Monday.  Seeing our little growing baby, well..there just aren't any words for it.  DH has decided that at 8 wks the baby looks like a Gummy Bear, which just cracked me up.  I'm a child of the 80s, so I've been humming the theme song to the cartoon show all week.  And now he's starting to freak out a bit that we don't go back for 4 weeks.  I let him know that now we've been cleared as a healthy pregnancy via IVF, that's a normal pregnancy routine.  I hope as the weeks pass, I can keep to my own words!

Prior to the OB, I was concerned because I felt no real symptoms.  Well, now I realize I have a bunch of little things that I really don't think about most days.  I've had frequent urination from the start.  I don't feel like I go as much during the day but I'm getting up like twice a night instead (even if I stop drinking at like 7pm).  Again since the start I've had nipple soreness which doesn't seem to be going away.  The other night when DH and I were in bed, I rolled over and my nipple brushed against his arm.  It was so startling, it made me wince.

The past several days I have had more back pain, which I think is due to my poor sleeping.  I find it hard to get comfortable and I've been trying to condition myself to sleeping on my left side as that is the one most recommended for placental blood flow (I still have plenty of weeks until I "have to" sleep like that, but I'm a stomach sleeper primarily so I do find that is becoming uncomfortable).  I haven't used any extra pillows since the position didn't seem to bother my hips or legs, but maybe I'll grab one to cushion my back.

I also live in NY and we've had some interesting weather to say the least.  I've found that for at least the last week and a half I've had a stuffy nose but no other cold symptoms.  And the stuffiness isn't relieved by blowing.  I read on my pregnancy tracker that nasal swelling is common in pregnancy due to increased blood flow.  So that's going to be interesting to monitor during the cold and flu season!

Last, the only thing I've noticed that I'm really trying to work on is my weight.  I haven't gained anything.  First I think my problem is I never know what I weigh exactly.  My digital scale always ranges between 163-165.  While evacuated at my mom's, I used her old fashioned red line/dial scale and weighed 165.  At my OB I weighed 164.  I see that it's recommended to gain about 5 lbs in your first trimester.  I've been eating normal for me: cereal in the morning, soup or sandwich for lunch, and dinner.  Since getting my BFP, I've kept healthy snacks with me at work -- yogurt, nuts, berries, high fiber/protein granola bars.  But the thing is I'm really not hungry for them.  It's not that I feel nauseous or anything.  I'm just not hungry and don't think to force myself to snack for baby's sake.  So I'm not sure what do do there.  Maybe I can try adding some of these "extras" at mealtimes, when I am looking to eat.  And I'll see how it goes over the next 4 wks. (Of course as I'm writing this, I'm famished after having lunch 20 minutes ago and am snacking on almonds and cranberries.)

One last thing, just because I find it amusing....since getting my BFP 4 weeks ago, DH has complained of:  nausea, fatigue, food cravings, feeling like he has a cold, acne, and various body aches *sigh*

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