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December 08

Feb 04, 2009 - 0 comments




well still the same it seems without any relief at all. the misery of the pain and pressure is becoming a daily occurence in my everyday life. i'm sure at this point my fam and co-workers are tired of hearing me talk about my issues. but who else do you talk to that can or will symapthize? with you??? now at this point it's time for my monthly visitor and lo and behold it stays with me for nine days. on the last week of the month i had just gotten off work on a monday afternoon. i went by my sister's for a few minutes to get the kids or drop kids off not real sure :( that's crazy!  i come home and could not walk in the front door. i was doubled over in pain. something was majorly wrong. couldnt figure out if i was dying from not being able to breathe from the pain...nausea was severe! where was my pain meds??? i was rushed to the doctors office immediately to find out what happened...seems to be the cyst on the left ovary had ruptured possibly..he said surgery ASAP!!! only thing it was after five and could not reach the insurance company for prior approval... crimney what now! bedrest and no i spent new years in the bed trying to make it until surgery day on friday!

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