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whoop whoopp!

Feb 05, 2009 - 3 comments

So today is day five of my diet and i was just curious as to if i lost any more weight and i have..woo hoo now im down to 180.6 lbs!! This is awsome i never expected to see the weight come off ,like this....not this quick!! This is soo exciting..i reccomend it to all of you girls!! TO anyone who is breastfeeding too!!

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by humberalison, Sep 10, 2009
what sort of diet you on?

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by smjmekg, Sep 10, 2009
Yeah, what diet are you on? I need it!!! I've got 25 pounds to lose before I'm completely ready to TTC.

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by Rosa20, Sep 10, 2009
weight watchers!! lol I am not doing it anymore...i was doing it and lost like 10 lbs in two weeks!! Its great it you follow it..but you got to have alot of will power!! hahah i dont have that much and am fine with my weight now im down to like 165 from after i had my baby when i was 185 so try it its awsome!! Good luck girls!

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