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Hello, Morning Sickness!

Mar 07, 2008 - 4 comments

Well, at 6 weeks, 2 days, the morning sckness really began kicking on a couple of days ago. Luckily, it is not constant. I had three days of feeling energized, almost hyper, and quite jolly. Then, the grumps, headaches, and a few other unpleasant symptoms returned. Don't really mind too much as long as everything goes well with my sono next Thursday. Can't wait to see what's going on in there!

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296340 tn?1336164001
by BabyBlue07, Mar 08, 2008

Finally you are having a baby.  I am so happy for you.  Did you naturally conceive or you do IUI.  Yesterday I did IUI and now it's sore all over down there.  I stayed in bed most of the night last night and will stay in bed most of the day today.

good luck to you

380530 tn?1239162538
by babyalive, Mar 08, 2008
Well here we go Heather Jo....the ride has begun.   I can't believe you are 6 weeks already!  I know the 2ww seems to go on forever, but now it just seems that time flies!!   I hope your morning sickness isn't too horrible.  

310089 tn?1232481423
by Lexima, Mar 08, 2008
Heather, it's funny how nausea is so nasty but at the same time it's the happies nausea ever.  

You know mine is not very consistant some days it's there and some days it's not.  I've also noticed that it gets worse after I take the vitamins.  Next time I see my RE I'll ask if there are different vitamins I can try.  These seem to be giving me a horrable after taste.

328927 tn?1227761840
by HeathJo, Mar 08, 2008
Thanks to all you guys for your comments!

Lexima, I am using PreCare Chewables, and they work well for me!

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