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MedHelp Expert Wins Prestigious Award

Nov 19, 2012 - 12 comments

On November 11, 2012, John Hagan, MD, FACS, FAAO, received the American Academy of Ophthalmology’s prestigious Hall of Fame Award, honoring his lifelong commitment to public policies supporting quality medical and surgical care.

Dr. Hagan’s leadership roles with the Missouri Society of Eye Physicians and Surgeons over many years, his forceful presence and strong voice at the state capitol and his commitment to the idea that quality care does not end at the door to the surgical suite all demonstrate a profound dedication to his profession, and serve as a shining example for his colleagues.

Since 2007, Dr. Hagan has generously donated his time and expertise to answer questions in MedHelp’s Eye Care forum.  MedHelp congratulates Dr. Hagan on this tremendous accomplishment. We are honored to have him on our team!              

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by jay00011, Nov 23, 2012
helo doc...

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by babyu945, Nov 25, 2012
Hi Doctor thanks for ur nice job

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by remar, Nov 26, 2012

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by keke663, Dec 17, 2012
hi doctor i need some answers i had a cycle it stayed on four days the fourth days it come on and go off it usually stay on a wk i use the bathroom reguraly i feel like i have to throw up but nothing dont come up and i also feel hot this is everyday i took a pregancy test is it to soon to find out or should i wait before i take another test could i be pregant my mouth stay watery alot.

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by quasarman123, Dec 25, 2012
hi doc

had knee replaced 3 months ago. cant sleep

tramadol and  htdrocodon for pain

need help and advise

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by ceazar675, Dec 28, 2012
hi doc as ko lang po kong anong pong gamot sa hepa b

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by brdpi2006, Dec 31, 2012
hello, doctor, i am a 47 yr old male and roughly i started felling these symptoms in the last couple of yrs,my symptoms are chronic head aches, constant loose bowls, slight blured vision, off balance, mixed speach, seeing black spots and my night vision is horrible, lol and im always feeling fatigued. thanks for your time

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by PainKLady213, Jan 02, 2013
Hi Doc i am currently being treated buy home care cause of my severe condition, Im having a hard time since im on lyrica 100mg, Norco 10/325, Ms Contin 2x daily 30 mg, xxnax 1 mg, 3x daily, claritin 1 at bed time, hydrochloride for irratic high blood pressure,prempro lowest dose for HRT treatment. My eye sight just aint the same no more. I know im aging but do you think it could be one side effect from one of the meds im taking, im having a hard time sometimes even with 300 reading glasses reading what it says on tv from a short distance. When i take them off the wording is just a blur. Its starting to bug me, wish i had money for lasik. Thanks PainLady213

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by afzaal109, Jan 03, 2013
My mother eyesight were right before 1 year during the treatement of TB disese My mother Eyesight has been Weak Almost 95%
Doctor said her eye nerve demage or press any one can help me in this regard.

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by nesselhauf12, Jan 07, 2013
Hi doc I need help for this itch problem I have. If u have any answers please let me kno. The itch is on the out side of my viginia please help me am going crazy. I have tried shaving plus gold bond and itch cream nothing has helped. This is driving me crazy.

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by myra007, Jan 18, 2013
Hello Dr. Iam a 62 year old healthy female.  I have sufferred from hand eczema for years. However, it has cleared up for several years now after dermatologist prescribed an ointment. I know this "housewife ecema" is triggered by household chemicals/cleaning solutions so I have learned to avoid direct contact use.

This past week I noticed the palms of my hands began to develop dry, circular pockets of skin that would crack open and peel.
My hands are now extremely dry.  I am careful on my choice of hand cream to use but there is no relieve i  sight,
My hands do NOT itch, but feel so rough.  

I have been using 56,000 I.U. Vitamin E skin oil.  The dryness immediately disappears and I get some comfort.  However
the condition reappears after a few hours after the application; the skins starts to peel off.  The peeling is contained in both palms, not on my fingers.  What causes this peeling and what is the treatment?    I live in Texas weather has been unusually cold.             Myra007

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by misspiggy465, Jan 24, 2013
hi doc whats the chances of me getting pregnant ive been trying for 8 months now and im just turning 41 my hubby is 42 ive had two kids already but their teenagers now but now also the doctor thinks I might have endometriosis is there anything I can do to make things better to get caught

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