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"looks normal" but doesn't feel normal

Nov 19, 2012 - 1 comments














I feel like the MD's are giving me a run around - tell me that my rash is "not signficiant" or "looks normal" or that "you finished the pills so you are all better now", instead of being frank and saying that they do now know what is causing my condition or why I have this rash lingering still.  They tell me that it is not infectious and that I can have sex again, but then they order tests looking for infections!!  

And I am sorry but for them it may look normal if they see something like this all the time, but for me it is not normal and it was not looking like this before.  I almost feel like I need a before and after photo and bring my digital camera with me, but they would probably still find a reason to dismiss it...

I decided I will try a Dr. of Oriental Medicine to see if some acupuncture or herbs can provide any benefits before I try another MD, at least for now...

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by Night292Rec , Nov 19, 2012
If you've been taking antibiotics for a long time, there's a real chance your rash is a fungal infection which you can't clear because of the antibiotics.

I think there are some sorts of rashes though that dr's can't diagnose.
Anyways. I know the feeling man.
I think we both have to try to move on though.

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