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wk 9 into 10

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Sleeping difficulty

Well this week I definitely feel slowed down, not the best feeling with the holidays right at the door!  I find that I'm exhausted the moment I wake up.  I'm also still not sleeping great.  I'd love a maternity/body pillow but they all look so large and also seem to conform more for changes in the belly, when I need some back support.  I'm also up twice a night to use the bathroom and I'm sure that's taking away from my rest.  My other bathroom issues seem to have calmed down though, which is great.  The Dr recommended Colace is really helping.  I do still try to keep away from oily, fatty, and acidic foods since they still cause an upset stomach (not indigestion or heartburn, more heaviness in my stomach and mild cramps).

This week, the new development has been acne.  Like I'm a teenager acne.  Actually even as a puberty-driven teen, I never had more than a few pimples.  This week, my face broke out all down the right hand side of my face (even though I sleep on my left hand side).  I also noticed pimples on my neck, shoulders/upper back, and upper chest/breasts - which I've never had.  I also seem to wake up each morning with at least 2-3 new, hurting, pimples.  I take my make up off every night, and wash my face twice a day.  During pregnancy, they warn against using anti-acne treatment (anything with saylytic acid) but I would really like to do something to get this under control if I'm going to keep having break outs.

And this week I guess you can say I've had my first food cravings.  The week of my Beta I craved meat, red meat.  Every night as much as I could get.  Since that week I really haven't had this need for anything until now.  Even though my Dr recommends mild, gentle and bland foods, all I want is spicy.  I want Mexican.  I want Thai.  I made tortellinis the other night and practically soaked them in red pepper flakes.  I also made stir fry and heavy handed the ginger.  That seems to have neutralized my desires but it's still in the back of my mind.  I even asked DH to go for Thai next week.  Luckily, he loves Thai and was very agreeable :)

So that's my update.  I can't believe I'm 10 wks along tomorrow.  It's so strange still not feeling like I'm pregnant.  Although I am getting a little more poochy.  I just can't wait for wk 12 when we go back for the next ultrasound and actually see the LOOK of a baby, not just specks, squiggles, or gummy bear shaped figures.  

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.  I know I am going to be especially grateful this year.

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