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Tumour! Tumor...Tummmeeeerrrr

Feb 07, 2009 - 0 comments








So i dunno. I have this odd habit where if something happens i have to tell everyone. This one im just keeping under wraps because i dont want people to worry about me. Already told my family (grandparents). My brother doesnt know quite yet, he's coming home for the weekend. I told my good friend in Argentina about it...

So what is this mysterious thing?

I was just diagnosed with have a brain tumour....

Its about 11mm big, just over one CM...why do i capatelize that? (spelling?) They dont think its active, but they're checking it out. Im due for another MRI at the end of august (aka being tubed) more bloodwork and then another appointment.

If it gets bigger, they'll operate...

oie...that's my life. Going to join the tumour group now :P Discuss my life and fears...

Actually im handling it quite well. My parents are freaked out more. I just had a sudden freak out when i took the ruler out. gah.Im still gunna live life the same...but this calls for another tattoo :D i got my first when dealing with bipolar "what doesnt kill you makes you stronger" and my second shall me a design i created. Will post pic when updated.

xxooxoxoxoxoxox ur fellow me!

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