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I was sooo sick

Nov 27, 2012 - 0 comments

last week had the flu lost about 8 lbs b/c appetite was crap, but now I better and backto losing weight the appropriate way.
myabe if i can sick every few weeks, id have this weight off in no time.

anyway, i want to reach my goal so bad, but fear that at 165 lbs i may still not look like i want to. like my body still wont be right. i just feel wide and fat, but others say i look skinny. by comparison to this time last year i am much smaller but i certainly am not skinny. not by any means. i worry about being able to maintain my weight as well. i have been working so hard. i just dont want to get bored with the way i am eating now although i get my little rice and beans in, and even a few pieces of meat here and there. sunday i had some dessert. the kind with real sugar. that was delicioso. i should have a little treat from time to time really. so that way iti not like iam cheating myself, but learning how to incorporate the things i really enjoy eating and being able to watch the scale.

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