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Scan 27th November 2012

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Well, had a good ol' internal scan today to find out what is what...

My uterus lining is a good 8mm (last cycle it was 6mm and the woman who scanned me said they like anything above 7mm)

And as for my follicles.... theres a 'few small' ones... again she couldnt find my right ovary at first but soon found it... and my folli size was 10.3... and the woman said they like to see a folli that is double that size ... - so about 20.6ish...

I have now got to go back on Monday the 10th December for another scan.. to see what its saying then..

I also asked her if im ovulating, and she said that i proberly aint... but she also said there isnt any fluid showing in my uterus for her to be worried about (cause thats a sign of non ovulation).. she said she would proberly need to change the medication and put the ink through my tubes to see if they are blocked!!

I dont see why they dont put the ink through my tubes now.. it will save all the backwards and forwards to the hospital all the time :'(

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