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Dear Madeleine,

Dec 04, 2011 - 0 comments



My Children







I Will write to you everyday and talk about how life is and how our life could have been if you were still here with me. Yesterday i found out your mother was forcing you to have an abortion with our child. When i found that out i broke down into tears not knowing what to do or say. I thought to myself your mother hates me, she definitely wants me in jail & With such a clean background that i have im willing to do time & Keep the baby. (I Dont understand why they dont put a stop to abortion's. Its very cruel.) Knowing i was having a baby, made me happier. It made my days brighter, that child kept me motivated. But now thats all gone, your moving to spain & I might not ever see you again. How can i live with knowing my one and only true love is gone & So is my child. I Can't live with that, I'll end it here, Hope your thinking of me. I Miss you so much & I'll love you till the end of my days. God bless you babe,

                  Your's Truly Eddie Camacho <3

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