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Af really early!!!

Dec 07, 2012 - 1 comments

I had myself conversed that the shots + opks +dh's great sperm count and me laying there for at least 30 minutes would some how make this work.  I went into tears this morning. After 5 and a half years you would think i would be over the tears. most months i just say oh well  it just wasn't meant to be this month. I also push my hopes down.  I am the biggest idiot. I actually let myself believe that because we had been on the shots now for a 2 months  that some how things would be different. i am so stupid!!!! today was 11dpo, cd 26 Af is crazy early!!! plus we had sex early in the cycle just in I oed early. looks like we just cant make it happen.  

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by CA25, Dec 11, 2012
GOD is able!!! When you LET go and LET GOD it will surely happen!!! Also stress plays a big role in fertility. Have fun relax...I got pregnant in sept when I gave up. GOD bless you hun and hang in there and don't beat yourself up!

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