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I HATE exterminator day!

Mar 11, 2008 - 7 comments

I live and work at a hotel on the Gulf of Mexico.  It has its perks - I get an apartment and every one of my utility bills, even my internet, paid as part of my salary package.  The thing is, that rumor going around that everything  is bigger in Texas is partly true, especially when it comes to bugs.  What makes it worse is people coming and going from all over the world, bringing luggage that contains critters from here, there and everywhere.  So once a month, the guys with the spray bottles come and exterminate the place.  Let the games begin.

Pets and insecticide do not mix well, so in order for them to adequately spray my apartment, the fur bearing members of the family must go elsewhere.  We pack them up and move them two apartments down to a room that was sprayed a couple of days ago.  The cats are not fond of this activity, and my husband and I don't enjoy it a whole lot more than they do.  The bird goes first.  She has a gigantic floor cage on a stand, and it IS on wheels, but rather than rolling the monster down the balcony it's just easier to put Paco (the green cheeked conure) into her small cage and then carry the cage to the other apartment, where Paco is safely sequestered in the bathroom behind a closed door.

Next come the cats.  Do you like rodeos?  If so, you'd LOVE the rounding up of the cats for exterminator day!  DH and I are practically giddy with excitement as we try to grab one of the furry bodies as it rockets past us in an attempt to avoid the roundup.  We never put them in a carrier for anything other than to go to the vet or to move for exterminator day, therefore, when the cat carrier comes out, they know something is up and they react accordingly.  They don't like the vet OR going to the neighboring apartment, therefore the carrier signals to them that it's time to act feral...  NOW.

After the cats are caught, crated, and toted one by one down the balcony to the other apartment, it's the dog's turn.  In typical dog fashion, she doesn't care WHERE she's going, she's GOING SOMEWHERE!!  YAY!!  ROADTRIP!!  jumpforjoyjumpforjoyjumpforjoy!!!  When she gets to the other apartment and discovers that her buddies, the cats are there too, her joy is overwhelming!  OH YAY!!  THE CATS ARE HERE TOO!!  jumpforjoyjumpforjoyjumpforjoy!!!  The pets safely deposited in the other apartment, DH and I return to our own digs to await the exterminators.

I don't know what's in that stuff that they spray, but I think they've sniffed a bit too much of it.  I have never seen a sloppier pair of men with spray bottles.  Bug spray is EVERYWHERE - running down the walls, all over the kitchen floor, dripping off the door frames between the rooms, EVERYWHERE.  It doesn't hurt humans, and it's not supposed to hurt pets, but I'm not about to take any chances with my furkids.  I don't mind smelling bug spray for a couple of hours after they leave, and, coincidentally, it doesn't seem to bother the roaches, either.  Unfazed, they ignore the oceans of poison that is supposed to cut short their buggy little lives in favor of apparently having fun in the stuff.  I thought I saw a roach with a boogie board the last time they were here, hanging ten down the countertop past the dish drainer.  

The worst part of this all for me is that it happens in the mornings, which is when I sleep.  I work the 3-11 shift at the desk, and then I'm on call from 11 pm until 7 am.  The bug guys get here between 8:30 and 9:00.  By the time they finish and leave,it's usually going on 9:30 or 10:00, which drastically cuts down on my sleep.  I'd sleep through it and just let DH let them into the apartment, but I'm afraid they'd spray right over me, they're seemingly that unintelligent.

Hopefully this will be the last time we will need to be sprayed for a while.  In order to comply with state health regulations, the hotel has to be sprayed on a regular basis (every 90 days) by professionals.  In order to make a good impression, it was decided that for the first six months, all the rooms would be sprayed every month, and after six months was up, thirty six rooms would be sprayed each month, resulting in each room eventually being sprayed every 90 days.  This is the sixth month.  Hopefully, after today, we won't have to deal with the Two Stooges for another three months.

I'm sleepy.  VERY sleepy.  Now is the equivalent of 3:00 in the morning for me.  I think I'm going to chance it and lay down and let DH deal with the bug busters.  I'm going to need my strength for the roundup later on before I go to work, when we round up the critters to bring 'em home again.  Wish me luck

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172023 tn?1334672284
by peekawho, Mar 30, 2008
I would worry very much about that frequent an exposure to pesticides.  Not only for you, but for your pets, especially the bird.

Even once every 3 months, to have that much (as you described) seems...excessive.  If it kills bugs (even if your roaches don't mind it) I'd worry what it was doing to me over a long term exposure.

Best of luck.  

228686 tn?1211554707
by Savas, May 21, 2008
I remember one time we took our cat Princess to the neighbors so we could exterminate the place. They thought it was her twin, Nighteyes, who was a placid creature (they're mother and daughter but are identically fat and solid black) so before we could stop them, they let her out of he box.

Princess raced out of the box, tore about the room, finally yowling at the top of her lungs as she mounted the dresser and clambered up the curtains, pulling rod and curtain down in a discombobulated mess.

Needless to say, we were horrified, but it was all we could do not to laugh.

That was the last time those neighbors cat sat for us. :)  

Avatar universal
by smokey477, Jul 22, 2008
Thank for all your help.  I took him to the vet yesterday with urine sample!  Strong but ok am adding more liquid to his food and it is solving the problem thank you.  Interesting about some cats not drinking unless there is movement in the water I will try this.  Thanks again.  Smokey

541953 tn?1262586226
by scaredmom330, Jul 22, 2008
OMG! sorry I had to laugh just imaging you and hubby and your rodeo...sorry I only have Bo,(dog) and can relate to the jumpingforjoy, I get to go somewhere..Bo loves car rides, you know with his head out, flopping ears the whole thing... and when we stop and go in the gas station or wherever, he moves to the driver's seat and sits up so people will see him like he is the driver and waiting to go.. I have had many comments about the driver. then we have all the slobber on the windows, not one but  everyone of them, the truck looks terrible but what are you gonna do?  oh yeah, and never never leave the truck door open and let Bo out of the house. he will get in and not get out until you take him for a ride, yeah around the block which is about a mile and he is happy. so If hubby tries to move the boat to mow...don't let Bo out... he has been know to sit in the truck for an hour and just look at you like saying come on y'all let go... But he is my life and fun to have around... thanks for the laugh...I really need it tonight...


528396 tn?1217526013
by Melissa70817, Jul 23, 2008
what an awesome story.  I too am unable to sleep tonight and greatly enjoyed the visions that I'm sure you've come to hate....  I'm glad I don't have to round up my crew.  I have 3 dogs, 5 cats and 2 parrots inside.  That would be a day long adventure.

675347 tn?1365460645
by ginger899, Mar 16, 2009
I'm so paranoid when they spray the orchard across from my house, that when they start doing that (sometimes at 5am in the summer!) I get out of bed so fast....throw cold water on my face, go without a shower....grab my emergency cooking pot, coffee, water and breakfast food for me and Misty....put clothes on all the wrong way round etc....hustle Misty, and get upwind to the woods asap! where I can then build a little fire, make a leisurely breakfast coffee and eat! (We have to get out because even if I shut all doors and windows the stuff sneaks indoors)
Needless to say, although those mornings should be appreciated (coffee and breakfast with dog at dawn in the bosom of Nature) -getting up like that I DO NOT WANT! I often use words Misty hates! (like the F or the B word) while we're hiking up the hill at 5-10am!
This exterminator tale of yours makes me wonder if I should stay put next time, and just pull the duvet over us both till they go away.....
I hate chemicals. Do not like being invaded by things 'they' say are ok for us (but who knows??) However, I've never had health problems from getting the odd blast of this noxious stuff, so maybe it IS ok? Dunno though....

By the way cockroaches are Nature's ultimate Sci-fi project.

Avatar universal
by LovelyLady926, Feb 26, 2012
lol! i absolutely loved reading your story. u r hilarious! thx for creating more joy in my life. have a great night.

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