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Took the pills

Dec 12, 2012 - 0 comments

Well I took 1 10/325 Narco and only 5mg of Valium this time and my headache is almost gone. I'm going to take a shower then take a walk. I gave in because I need to get out of bed... My marriage is almost over because I can't do anything off the pills and he won't be with an addict or talk about it so... I'll be an in the closet addict trying to quit with y'all's help until I see the doctor next month and talk to him about getting off. Something's I've read especially about the Valium scared me to stop but maybe I can taper myself by taking the 10mg at night and maybe only 5mg the other times if needed. I really do wait until I can't handle it anymore before I take something but I have to get up, shower and do something active.

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