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abuse is all around us; surviving means living w pain, but living

Feb 15, 2009 - 3 comments



This is really abuse.Like the woman whothought I was "legallyblind" and swept my clothes in front ofme.
I told someone yesterday that I was a surviver yesterday, and she asked, "How does someone keep quiet about something like that all those years?" I responded that we did it bynot talking to anyone, by being alone. I wastotally confused by her question, it shockedme somuch.

Makes me want to celebrate gemuine life,real life, asthese people have never felt it.

What the hell kinda person asks that kind of do you stay quite about that...WTF!
Basically by being a complete loner your whole life and never gettting truely close enough to anyone...never being able to feel safe even with friends and learning to deal with being alone inside and least that's how I did it.

Stupid question. Qenuine real doesn't come in a little box with a cute bow. Real life is messy and heartbreaking...but ut's true that at ;east we've lived real life..a genuine life. Because beyond all of teh traumau and hurt we get to really appriciate the good things are true genuine lofe. A life only people like up get to feel and see. And that's about one of the only good things that comes from horrendous trauma..that and being able to help people who don't know where to turn.

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by spitfire989, Feb 16, 2009
I understand how pain and the things that happen to us in life are tough.   Tough for "Us" the one's that have to endure them, and I feel that alot of times the abuse or things in our lives kinda form us into who and what we are as adults.~~By that I mean it molds us in a way.----In my case, I've been down the "Road" of Hard Knocks" since a young child. Either abuse as a child or adult, by different things, people whatever.---And in my case, even though I have been down the "road of hard knocks", I chose to change a few things and ended up "By Choice" to work as a Hospice Nurse.---I know people have said over and over, how can you work in that field?---Ya know with dead and dying people?--- That makes me feel WTF. I guess in my case, I've thought just cuz the Sh%$ has hit my fan over and over----does'nt mean I'm not gonna stop and offer support to someone, And I feel ya my as well, do it with the "Dead and DYing" cuz THEY appreciate it more than Healthy people EVER could or would.----I hope some of this makes sense.--But what I'm trying to say is----Even though WE each have **** in our lives that we've had to deal with---let's STOP and HELP someone else out that NEEDS it.--Whether it is to offer a "ear" to listen, a Shoulder to lean on, or Friends that will be there whenever we need to vent.  I always told people that had asked me "Why in God's name would you "deal" with dead dying people"-----and I always tell them---what you do with your ears and shoulders---may be things your Eyes never see.---So, I guess the long of the short is---We as Adults really should do what we can for OTHERS.----That way "We" can say you've done something "Good" today.--------------------

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by AnnaE, Feb 16, 2009
Yes, and that's how we make life better for everyone--by helping those who need us. That's why I chose education as as a profession. How else is the world gonna be better for spitfire, right, or for Jennie.?

I had forgotten that you are a nurse. That's great. I am always imprssed my nurses, their dedication and their training.

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by Amphitrite, Feb 19, 2009
I think this is a very inportant journal

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