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Last AC cycle

Dec 20, 2012 - 2 comments

I have my last cycle of AC two days after Christmas.  I hate chemo with a vengence.  At this stage more than I hate cancer or the surgeon.
Feeling slightly better today.  Managed a 50 minute slow run plus did two hours of digging.  2 x 1 hr.
I feel that chemo has really messed with my head this time and wonder and worry about having more.
I have communicated less this cycle.  I feel that it is the chemo but it could be that I have become withdrawn due to other issues.
My sister and her family went back to Australia this week so it is nice to have the peace and not have to run around after a very energetic 21 month old.

I still have seven more lots of chemo to get through.  This cycle I was convinced that dying from cancer couldn't be any more painful than the side-effects of chemo.  Hopefully the long-term gain will be worth it.

Vomiting is gross but I think it is better than spending two weeks in bad due to fatigue.  Vomiting also gets rid of the massive weight gain through fluid retention.  Is really strange not being able to drink or hold anything down but at the same time not be dehydrated due to the fluid retention from the steroids.

I hate being this fixated on something that isn't going to happen till next week.

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by StrangerTheBetter, May 18, 2018
Idk, how I ended up here, but I hope you are ok. You stopped posting and I hope that means you got better and you found help for your other issues. I know this journal entry is probably just for your, but you are in my thoughts. Good luck where ever you are.

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by Merglet, Jun 07, 2018
Me too! Stranger the better! I ended up here completely randomly also!  I hope for the best too for her too.. i just connected with what she wrote.  I liked her posts so i clicked on her profile and then came here to journal entries...

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