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Venting about idiot Endo !

Feb 18, 2009 - 5 comments
















Yes, my labs are normal for 2 years, but my thyroid continued to swell, and swell and swell, to the point of deviating my trachea.  And the only thing, the Endo could say was, there's nothing I can do.  What an idiot !!!!!!!!  DUH, maybe schedule me an appointment with general surgery, like a year ago !!!  Lol !!  

After I spoke with the uptake scan radiologist, he scheduled me an appointment with general surgery a week ago, thank goodness, someone with some concern & understanding.  

&^%^%$$$### Endo is an IDIOT !!!!  

My CT scan, ultrasound and uptake scan, all shows an overly enlarged thyroid.  Do you know how to read !!!!

His response a week ago, DUH !! your labs are normal, there's nothing I can do.

Let me relax, at least now, I am making some progress with educated, caring, understanding doctors.  In 6 weeks, I went from uptake scan to surgery.  

What has the Endo done in 1.5 years !!  Prescribe me synthroid, with normal labs, tells me to cross my fingers, and hope they work.  Well they didn't work, I ended up in the ER, not able to breathe, with a TSH of .08,.  

Now get this, after my uptake scan he prescribes me the meds again.  

I am so glad, I don't have to see him ever again, miracles do happen.    

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by mommy2two2008, Feb 18, 2009
Venting welcome here THANK GOD!  I am at a year of swelling with normal labs and medicated. They have offered surgery (I see ENT not endo - he was a real idiot to tell me I did not have a thyroid problem but must take the thyroid medication he prescribed) but I have not taken them up on it yet.  I think I am about to.  It feels like nerves or something is being compressed on one side of mine.  If they do surgery on me, they said they'd take it all so I would not have to have a repeat since I have to take the med or get worse anyway.  I totally feel what you are going through and am very glad that you are getting somewhere in your treatment.  I just wish I could make a decision on mine.  Leaning toward yes I guess.

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by mtgoat911, Feb 18, 2009
i am on meds for my thyriod, after reading this, i really wish i could go get my levels checked
i hope you feel better soon, glad you found a new doc

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by AJWS6, Feb 18, 2009
Thanks for reading my journal, and hope both of you recieve proper care & treatment, wish you both good luck !!  

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by dai3symae, Feb 18, 2009
I'm sitting here just shaking my head at how stupid some doctors become (because they had to have a brain to get into med school....right?).  

Thank goodness you found help....I hope you're feeling better soon.

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by mkh9, May 09, 2018
Always get a second or third opinion. If it doesn't make sense or before surgery or meds . Unless it is a life threatening emergency or you really agree with the diagnosis. Otherwise, they say that it is really necessary to get another opinion.

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