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Dec 26, 2012 - 2 comments

I am so alone this evening.  I feel at danger but can't do anything drastic.  I feel terrible right now and have nobody and do not feel able to talk anyway.  Stupid, stupid world and stupid, stupid me I guess too.  This world can be such a nasty place to be - I am supposed to be a mature adult at the age of 37, however I feel SMALL SCARED and ALONE.  :-|. P.S.  and STUCK

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4570007 tn?1362266423
by counterintel, Dec 28, 2012
well, what is it that happened to you that triggered these feelings?

1238036 tn?1457315447
by Beanie0, Feb 12, 2013
I feel the same again.  Childhood experience I guess has helped to cause this type of feeling.  I am getting to the point of pure helpless-ness - excuse the spelling.  I am feeling distressed and needy.  I HATE it.  :-(

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