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I'm back

Feb 19, 2009 - 2 comments

I have been off this site for a while as I was taking a break from the whole ttc thing.  I am ready to get started again and since my insurance has changed now I am hoping to get that referal to see the RE finally.  I am excited to get started again and hopefully by seeing the RE I will have SUCCESS.  I origianally started ttc with help in Dec 07 did about 6 cycle of clomid 3 of them in conjunction with IUI.  My hope is to see the RE and possibly take injectables and IUI with proper ultasound monitoring. If that doesnt work maybe even try IVF.  Well I will be around and wish all of you luck on your ttc journey and want to congratulate those ladies i was chatting with a lot last year on our ttc journey who have had their wishes come true and are now enjoying the pitter patter of little feet!  Cheers to SUCCESS.

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by bny807, Feb 19, 2009
Welcome back!!!! We have missed you! i haven't been on here nearly as much either.. after a 4th mc.. i just needed to not (well try not anyways) to think about this whole ttc stuff for a while, or else i was going to loose my mind!!! we have taken two months off - again, and i finally feel ready to tackle this! btw - they found out i had a blood clotting disorder! so i PRAY thats the cause and now that i'm on tons of meds and vitamins it will be our answer! did you do anything fun on your time off?? Sending you tons of SSBD and prayers! : )

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by Helen72, Feb 19, 2009
Welcome back!!  I have with RE's help you will get that SUCCESS!!  Injectables + IUI worked for so many ladies on this forum.  I hope this combination will work for you.

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