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No Job. No Income. No nada.

Feb 19, 2009 - 32 comments

It happened today.  My husband was laid off and we have no income and little savings.  Guess it's time for that garage sale we've always talked about but never got motivated to enact.  At least I just got my monthly meds refilled yesterday.

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by jollyman069, Feb 19, 2009
sorry to hear the news...unfortantly it's going to be a more and more happenings of this..i know that doesnt help your problems.. but i wll be saying prayers for you and your family

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by MJIthewriter, Feb 19, 2009
I 'm sorry to hear about this. What makes it worse is the economy and further job loss. Jollyman is right, I'm afraid we are in for a rough ride...

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by Jalanier, Feb 19, 2009
I can sympathize.  I just got laid off myself from my dream job.  I just picked up my last paycheck with all my vacation time on the 16th.  Now I have no idea what me & my daughter are going to do.  At least you have your husband, I'm a single mom who gets no child support or help from her father. Just remember that it could always be worse.  I wish you and your family all the luck in the world!  Good Luck!

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by April2, Feb 19, 2009
Oh Jaybay! I'm so sorry to hear this. I pray he can find another job fast. I hope you all will do ok. Keep in touch with us and let us know how you're doing, ok? Take care & God bless.

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by ILADVOCATE, Feb 19, 2009
Yes that is terrible and an all too common occurence now with the reccession. If you need help with health care
coverage issues so you don't run out of medication or physician coverage, or referrals to agencies that help coordinate people with disabilities (all disabilities) with the job seeking process you might try your local independent living center.
There's one in every county of every state:

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by Jane2010, Feb 20, 2009
1) Get your food through You will cut your food bill in half at least. You may have to adapt your eating to the assortments they offer, but the food is good and fresh.

2) Do not eat out and try not to overeat.

3) Keep the power usage down to save money.

4) Do things yourself that you usually pay for.

5) Have that garage sale.

6) Find a way to make extra income while he is looking, even if it's mowing other people's lawns, shoveling their snow, or cleaning their houses. Every bit counts and see how long you can go without spending any money.

7) Have him apply for temporary work immediately, and help him find jobs to apply for. Any job is better than no job, but it can be very hard to interview when you're always working on a low paid job that doesn't make enough. So, try having him work hours that would not interfere with job interviews...weekends and evenings, or MWFSSu.

8) Take in a boarder if you know someone safe who would be willing to pay for room, board and a share of utilities.

9) Sell a car if you have two, keeping the most dependable one or the one that is paid off so you don't have the payments.

10) Advertise for babysitting, lawn care, planning children's birthday parties, or whatever you are good at.

11) If the kids are old enough, get them to take part time jobs to contribute to the household. Make it a big "team project" so they feel really important in helping out.

12) Apply for two jobs a day at least if that's at all realistic.

13) Be willing to try things you or he have never tried before just to get a dollar in the door, as long as it's honest, legal and appropriate.

14) Let your church know what happened and to put you guys in their prayers.

15) Take the clothes you have that are nice but not worn much and put them on consignment. Same for kids' clothes, toys, etc.

16) Instead of buying stuff, put a request on Freecycle. This is a yahoogroup and there is one group for your area. You give or take things but don't trade or buy. Don't give a sob story as it turns off some people. Just ask for what you need.

17) Learn how to cook very cheaply. Beans and brown rice are very healthy, as are cabbage, carrots and potatoes. Instead of chocolate chip homemade cookies, make popcorn on the stove with canola oil and then add a bit of sugar and salt to make kettle corn. Then watch old movies on the TV sitting together under blankets to stay warm.

18) Start a garden. Start plants from seeds indoors so they will be big when it's warm enough outside. You can grow a lot of food in a garden if you do it right.

19) Remake your clothes if you get tempted to go to the mall. Take up refashioning clothing. Take hand me down from friends and make them into things for your kids and for you. Contact your extension service for sewing classes or go to for guidance.

20) Apply for unemployment, food stamps, free lunch, medicare or COBRA, free vaccinations, free school supplies, free vaccinations, etc. Everything you save helps you pay your light bill. Oh, apply for energy assistance.

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by flmagi, Feb 20, 2009
This is so sad, and yes, it's happening to more and more people and families. It gets very scary when your faced with little to no money and you have a choice of feeding yourself or the kids, paying the power bill, or putting gas in the car to look for the few jobs that everyone else is out for too.
To everyone that still has a job, please be aware that it can happen to you too, even if you feel very secure in your job. Start seriously cutting back now.
If and when you end up in a situation like this, apply for assistance immediately, because it can take weeks to receive help.
Yes, garage sales can bring in some much needed help. You'd be surprised what you can live without. Jewelry, furniture and all other misc items can be put on Craigslist for free. You can get a better price for gold, diamonds etc selling them this way. You may have to learn to live without certain things you've cherished. People will buy the oddest things, so don't overlook anything you can sell.
If you fairly certain you won't be able to pay your credit cards, mortgage etc NEXT month, then don't pay it this month. Use that money for gas to find another job, or to buy food etc. Catch up on payments later, if you can. When times get desperate, it's a matter of survival.
Join forces with your other family members or friends, who may be in the same boat or are willing to lend a hand.
Good luck to everyone and your families, we're in for a ruff ride.

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by VicUser, Feb 20, 2009
I feel for you and wish you the best. I hope your hubby can find something else to help bring in some money. Maybe some type of side job for cash until he can find a job that pays well. The only thing that I heard about in the porkulus bill is longer unemployment money. I know what you get will not make up for his income but at least it is something.

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by Cherie762, Feb 20, 2009
Janes list is great....if you have kids apply for reduced or free lunches at school you will get it....also moist cities offer reduced softball littleleague,,,,,what ever sport soccer...for low income families....when my hubby first started business and we was living on peanuts...myboys played soccer for freee.....uniforms and all....resource yourself.....good luck...also if you wanted to consider college or a few classes you will get a pell grant ( free no pay back ) wonderful oppurtunity....

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by bernie40, Feb 20, 2009
Same here :(  Husband looking for work, I am unable to work at present despite keep trying.  Cut back where you can and don't give up hope.

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by TrudieC, Feb 20, 2009
I was laid off at the end of November and hubby has not worked for a number of years.  Now we are both looking.  Thank God for unemployment and house credit line!  We are actually at the point where we are trying to feel positive in that this lay off has forced us to learn to live frugally, shop smarter, and to stop taking things for granted.  It looks like I may have a job in a couple more weeks and we are determined to keep our new habits in place so we can better save for our future.  We cut off cable/satellite TV, reduced our options on our phone and cell, got a cheaper internet, got into some fun homemade cooking, found cheaper alternatives to our usual purchases, and learned to pay attention to where every dollar goes.  Your husband will need a little bit of time to grieve for his loss but he must not wallow in his thoughts.  He will need to treat looking for a job as his new job.  Good luck to you and your family.

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by peekawho, Feb 20, 2009
I'm so sorry to hear about this!  You are such a good person, and you have so many health problems.  Life is just not fair.  

You are certainly in my thoughts and prayers.  

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by suzi-q, Feb 20, 2009
I am so sorry can really take some crummy turns...this economy really stinks....hang in there.  It will work out.

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by Jaybay, Feb 20, 2009
The sad thing is that we've been living very frugally since I had to quit working.  I'm wearing the same clothing that I had over 3 years ago - only bought new undies once a year since then.  I thank God that I cashed in a small 401K plan the last time DH got laid off a few years ago, and paid off the house.  At least we don't have the mortgage payment hanging over our heads - just the tax bill - and at that time the 401 was still worth something.  If I'd had to do cash it now, it wouldn't even be worth the tax hit.

I don't shop.  I barely eat (due to medical condition).  I grow vegetables.  I use coupons.  I've been buying the cheaper foods for DH like pasta, rice, beans, etc., and use coupons only for items I know I need.  It's generic all the way on cleaning supplies.  I've never been a person to go crazy buying "stuff", so there really isn't much to sell. I'm low-maintenance and always have been. DH is the one who could never quite understand the words "budget" or "fiscal emergency."  This time, he finally gets it.

The thing I'm most afraid of is DH's depression.  It's been getting nothing but worse over the years, and while he takes zoloft regularly, he refuses to see a therapist.  He's told me too many times to count that if I weren't with him, he'd just put a gun to his head.  I've been through three layoffs with him since 1985, and he always takes it out on himself.  The fact that he doesn't get p*ssy with his former employers has helped him all these years.  He can always get great references.  

In the meantime, we have Fight Club in bed every night in creation.  We met at a karate tournament in 1985 - both as participants.  We learned early on that arguments could never even begin to get physical (not that either of us is geared that way).  Too much damage to be done on both sides.  LOL!  Unfortunately, when life goes wrong, DH fights it out in his dreams, and physically acts out.  Last night I woke out of a sound sleep to a royal kick to my coccyx.  Got a few more blows before I could grab his foot and scream him awake.

Another big fear is that he'll try to find the answer at the bottom of a vat of beer.  Been there, done that, don't ever want to see it again.  I've given him the weekend to wallow, but come Monday morning, the brewery is closed and his job is to look for employment.  We have married each other twice.  I left him in 1997 because of his drinking, and I've made it clear I'll do it again if he ever gets that bad again. It's gotten dangerously close in the past few months, and alchohol is simply not in the budget now.

What drives me crazy is that this was a panic move on the part of the employer.  Between our politicians and our press saying "crisis" and "catastrophe" a hundred times a day, they've started a panic that's made things worse than they need to be.  His boss admitted as much.  They're laying off people in anticipation of worse things to come instead of waiting until it's really necessary.  Since DH is a remote employee, it's a lot easier to get rid of the guy you don't see every day when the owner decides someone has to go.  They would have done much better to bring him into the home office where he can not only sell, but help out in the plant since they've cut so many staff there in the past 3 months and can't keep up with the orders they already have.  Stupid!!!

This recession isn't a bad one - yet; but the advertising IS bad.  I'm old enough to remember 1982 which was worse, and the Carter administration inflation, unemployment and Misery Index which was the worst economy of my lifetime.  This one isn't even close to that, and far from the Great Depression.

This too shall pass - IF I can get DH booted out of his depression and open to possibilities outside his comfort zone.  

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by Happy2girls, Feb 20, 2009
Jaybay, all I can say is that I feel so bad that you are going through this.  I wish you the best.  You seem to have a very good attitude and head on your shoulders, that will serve you well.  Good luck to you, you're in my thoughts.  

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by Michele, Katy, TX, Feb 20, 2009
I am so sorry Jaybay.  I wish there was more I could say, but I'm sorry is all I have.  And yet, it doesn't begin to cover it.

I agree w/ your philosophies about the economy and media and all too.  People are so scared because of that, that they are doing things prematurely in anticipation of the worst before the worst gets here, which is making things worse!!

Again, I am so very sorry.  It is very scary indeed......

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by Teresa222, Feb 20, 2009
For those on COBRA: Money has been appropriated in the newest Bill that Obama just signed for COBRA reciprients.  Anyone who lost their job between Sept. 2008 and now can receive monetary help in paying the COBRA premiums. This should be a great help for anyone in that situation. I believe it's a 65% reduction that is available.

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by shewrites, Feb 21, 2009
If you're still open to suggestions ...

Try not to get too invested in your husband's job search.  Let him know that you have confidence in him and you believe it's just a matter of time before he's back to work.  When he talks about it, listen, sympathize and offer suggestions -- and don't get mad when he doesn't follow your advice.  In other words, help him think it through, but be careful not to "own" the problem.

Meanwhile, deal with the part of the problem you do "own."  Economize.  Find out what help is available from local agencies.  Figure out if there are part-term jobs you can do temporarily.  Pray.  Whatever you can do to help that doesn't involve telling him what to do.  

Good luck.  

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by teko, Feb 21, 2009
Jaybay I am so sorry to hear this. It is a bad time for all, and lots of people I know are in the same predicument, and I agree I think the panic button is being hit by a lot of businesses. I will pray that this will be short lived, and work will pick up soon. Hugs

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by Jaybay, Feb 21, 2009
shewrites - that's what I always do.  I don't pull the same act my mother did with my dad.  Every morning he would hit the breakfast table with the want ads on his plate with jobs that she had circled.  She was clueless, and a harpy.  This is the 3rd layoff I've been through with DH and I have never once laid on the guilt trip or made demands.  I've been laid off a couple of times myself and know the wheels turn slowly.  You just gotta do what you gotta do.  

Believe me, he knows I'm not ragging on him.  It wasn't his fault.  He couldn't have changed anything.  There's no point in spending useless time blaming this or that or analyzing how it happened.  I understand that - he is another story.  He's wasting countless hours thinking about useless details from two years ago.  "Maybe it was this.  Maybe it was that."  It doesn't matter!  What I fear most is that he'll get stuck in this phase and not see that his job right now is to LOOK for a job - not wallow in self pity and depression.  I've seen it countless times - my husband can be his own worst enemy.  I don't need to add to that.  :-(

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by Me967, Feb 21, 2009
Jaybay,  I'm so sorry.  Times are really getting hard though!  I'm sorry but I feel as if they are going to get a lot worse before they get better, so we differ there a little.  
I feel from chatting with you before that you will always stand by your man though.  You are a strong woman with good beliefs and a great heart!  I know sometimes that is very hard to do sometimes; trust me,... I know.  It's a struggle not to fall into old ways.  Right now we are dealing with a lot of health issues that we cannot afford and it's paying it's tool, along with keeping up with the bills.  Were all in this together though.  Best of wishes to you and your hubby.  I truly hope that all works out for the good for you and your man......They say these times make us stronger.......I know you two will pull threw this as hard as it is.  ;~)  Take care and best of wishes.............................Amy

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by celiac_girl, Feb 21, 2009
wow im so sorry, this is happening to alot of people, you can donate you plasma, you an your husband for money to pay for necessities you can go three times a week, hey its money right? take any job thats out there, walmart stocking  shelves at night and,you get discounts too, advertise to clean people houses on nice stationary and pass the mout on there door steps in the day time with your number and charge under the table cash,i know  cna work is not going anywhere, you can usually find a nursing home to pay for the school its either 8 weeks or 5 months depends which you chose and its decent money! you can get grants,or  you can apply at your local college or nursing home will pay for it if u sign a contract its decent money and always needed! i hope everything works out for you.

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by ginger899, Mar 03, 2009
Aw Jaybay, I'm sorry about this. It's rough, and I wish you all the best, and hope and pray opportunity will come for your hubby before he gets too down. I can kind of understand that self-pity stuff, when you're not 21 any more....been kicked in the behind....feel tired about the future....etc. But keep on keeping on is what's got to happen. And living for now, and keep each other laughing......or crying, or big hugs in bed.....

I know what it's like living on practically nothing. My business is only hanging on by a thread!  But then there's just me and the dog nowadays. Yet even so, electricity/water/tax bills/etc keep on coming through the door, and I keep on paying them, and wonder how long.......?? It p***es me off when I'll work hard. scrimp and save, cut out not only any luxuries, but a lot of necessities, and won't even spend £5! (OMG! The times I have stitched these knickers I'm wearing!! and my socks are so worn they rub my feet).....and then a bill comes through the door for £400 and knocks me flat again.
Anyway, enough about me. You look after yourself. Prayers for you. Ginger.

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by crazybeats, Mar 03, 2009
Hey, I hear ya! Me job for over 2 months. Losing our home we just bought 5 years ago and my wonderful loving man of my life is very ill...heart failure and kidney failure. He just started dialysis full time. I don't have any idea where or how we will manage. I guess it's time to be creative and start selling our beautiful things we love and enjoyed having in our home. We need to begin to have faith and reach to love others and give without wanting anything back in return. If we can just go to our neighbor with a plate of cookies, or send a sweet letter or friendship card and drop in the mail, or a short visit to say see how things are going, even if WE OURSELVES are going through a difficult time, that love comes back to you and makes you feel better. Crying has done me good. Feeling afraid of what could happen to my husband and how will I live through all of this is extremely difficult. It's time to put our hands together and without a word embrace this moment we are all facing "together" are not alone. I hope you know that you are not alone. If we would all light a candle at night and say a prayer it would be the greatest blessing.

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by Jaybay, Mar 04, 2009
Thank you all so much for the heartfelt words.  I've been busy pricing various things to sell online, and never realized how many hours can get blown away putting the listings together.  Good grief!

DH still doesn't understand the word "budget."  He never has.  I dragged him out to the grocery store with me the other day because he's been griping about how much I spend on food and houshold items.  He hasn't done a proper stocking up on his own in years and is clueless about the price of anything.  The trip took forever because on nearly every item, I had to point out price comparisons.  He's always been a brand-name shopper and has giving me grief lately for getting the cheaper store-brand items.  It the item-to-item comparisons weren't enough of a shock, you should have seen his face when the total rang up at the register!  We're averaging $180 a week on food, paper and cleaning goods, and pet food.  My menu is determined by what is on sale at a given time.

I have no issue economizing.  I grew up with no money, and I've never been a high-maintenance woman.  DH is far more high-maintenance than I am, but he just doesn't realize it.  Sometimes it feels like I'm married to a five-year-old - "Can't we have shrimp tonight?"  "NO.  We can't afford it."  LOL

Our subdivision is having its first neighborhood-wide garage sale in April, so we're putting some things into that.  It's like pulling teeth to get DH the Packrat to give anything up.  We're talking things he hasn't even seen in over 15 years that all at once are dearer than life.  Yes, tagging everything is a royal pain, but what else does he have to do?!  Might as well take advantage of the additional advertising and at least TRY to get rid of some of this junk.

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by Me967, Mar 04, 2009
So sorry you are having to go threw all of that.  I can relate to the shopping with the husband, and the seafood department.  LOL.  As far as pack rats go though; that is an issue of mine unfortunately.  Times are very hard now though.  I do have a lot of stuff I'm hoping to sell though this spring to make some extra money.

My husband can't get medical test that he needs because he has to pay the whole deductible + the 20% up front and the health insurance cost just about as much as our monthly mortgage.  Urgggg  
He still has his company; but, work is very low to minimal now as times get harder for everyone.  

Lady (my border collie) needs bld work before they will give her any more pills for her liver failure.  She's doing great on them and is eating 3 jars of #3 baby food a day.  It's just the matter of keeping her on the lifelong pills and getting the bld work done.  The pills are hard enough to afford for all of us and my insurance won't pay for my glucose strips.  Though I'm trying to fight that one.  Around here we would probably both go hungry and starve before our dogs would go without though.  LOL

I told my husband just last week I'm very happy that we both know how to can our own fruits and veggies and know how to hunt (health permitting).  I'm afraid it's going to get worse before it gets better.  I was going to try to cheer you up.  Whoops.  Sorry.  I just wanted you to know that I can totally relate.  Best of wishes to you.   (HUGS)

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by ginger899, Mar 04, 2009
I know I'm preaching to the converted, because I can tell you've thought round every corner, but there are some brilliant meat-less (would DH approve??) recipes that cost next to nothing and taste wonderful, and are good for you.

It's easier in the UK because it rains so much there is a lot of green stuff around in the wild which is tasty and good free food. Especially in the spring. I'm into nettles and Wild garlic right now. (Nettles fried up in butter with black pepper....vitamin-rich and well tasty! And FREE.) Is there any wild food where you live you could go out and get?

Mashed carrot/turnip/potatoes with a little grated up onion, topped with cheese and baked or grilled...YUM Costs almost nothing. Bubble-and-Squeak (we Brits call it that) old leftover veg mixed with mashed potato and fried up...YUM. Get a load of dried beans/lentils etc and you've got a good protein you can do a heck of a lot with, and so healthy. And cheap.

Is there anyone nearby who has a rabbit pest problem? (sorry, bunny-lovers!) And might not mind you going shooting a few? Then you can put them in the freezer. Good for people and dog! Is there anywhere you or DH are allowed to fish and keep what you catch? Even squirrels make very good eating.(I know it sounds cruel, but squirrels can be a pest-problem in some areas too) If you're nifty with a gun, fine. If not, do some target practice first, so you could get a clean shot, they wouldn't even feel it.

With spring weather coming you might be able to cook outdoors in the garden on a wood fire to save electricity. That can be fun.
Sure you've thought of these things. Trying to put some ideas in.

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by ireneo, Mar 04, 2009
I'm so sorry you're going through this hard time. And you're right - it's going to hit your husband's depression even harder. My husband has dealt with it all his life; it's not just a circumstantial thing with him unfortunately. Medication helps change some of those "feel good" chemicals that have been lost in the brain. But counseling is equally important to help change the thought processes as well, to get off the negative feedback loop.

One of the best things for my husband was to learn cognitive reasoning. He would see/hear situations differently than I did. A simple comment from someone else would sound like an insult to him. If the kids didn't jump up and say "hi" when he walked in the door after work, he felt that they didn't care about him, that he was just a paycheck to them. He learned how to list his feelings, list the facts of what was happening and then see it as it really was. So yes, counseling is a big help.

You still spend $180 a week on groceries or is that what you used to spend? That's more than our monthly budget ($640) that covers food ($300), gas ($100), miscellaneous ($200) and $40 for hubby's allowance, free spending money. We take out cash for those items and that way I can keep tabs on what we're spending and how quickly. We've been doing this for years. The bills are either autopay like car insurance or house payment or we pay the utilities by mail.

I loved your idea of taking your husband shopping with you. Then he can see that even a can of chili gets expensive if you buy the fancy brand. And meat is outrageous.

Keep pinching those pennies and cutting those coupons. It's hard to do but you're a smart woman and I have confidence in you.

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by Jaybay, Mar 04, 2009
ginger, I'm cracking up at your suggestions because we've been doing that already!  :-D  We're both sharpshooters, but hunting in our area is limited to leaseholds from landowners which are very expensive.  Eating fish out of local waters isn't a good idea because of the industrial pollution in our waterways.  That means a 50+ mile drive to the Gulf for fresh fish and the cost of bait is astronomical right now with so many boats damaged from hurricane Ike.  We've got all the gear for hunting and fishing, but by the time you add in bait, ammo, gasoline, etc., the per pound cost of the meat is far more than simply buying it at the grocery.

I grow a surprising amount of veg in a fairly small plot.  It's about 100 square feet, so I take advantage of vertical space and grow cucumbers, tomatoes and beans on a fence, leaving more room out front for things like potatoes and greens.  I've always got a huge supply of herbs and that's decreased our salt intake a great deal over the years.  Since we're in a serious drought right now, just at the wrong time, the wild blackberry crop is looking dismal unless we get that badly needed rain over the next couple of months.  It only takes a couple quarts of berries to make a year's worth of jelly, and extra fresh berries go into cobblers and pies and anything else I can think of.  Going meatless is no problem for us - I can't tolerate it due to my medical issues, and DH has no problem doing without it.

I've got a whole lot of seedling plants that came up over the winter months - some flowers, bulbs and orchids that need dividing, herbs, night-blooming jasmine, etc. - that I'll put up in pots and see if I can sell them in the neighborhood garage sale.  I always keep the nursery pots instead of throwing them away, so I won't have to spend anything extra to pot them up.  There's another neighborhood sale in the Fall, so if I can sell a few plants in this Spring sale, I'll grow some things from seed and have them ready to go.  Kind of a do-it-yourself nursery.  Maybe I can put this old green thumb to making a few dollars.

ireneo, I think you and I are married to the same man.  LOL!  DH's depression has been life-long, and while medication has helped a great deal, it's still there.  He just hasn't responded as well as I have to the meds.  He refuses to see a therapist even while admitting he needs one.  Your observation that your husband doesn't process events the same way as you applies to us as well.  My DH always, ALWAYS, takes the worst-case scenario and it paralyzes him from taking action.  For example, he's already convinced that we've lost everything and we're living on the streets begging for food.  With that kind of mindset, he can't see the possibility that this layoff may be an ultimate blessing.  He just might find a job he likes better than this one.

In the meantime, I'll keep trying to pull in a few bucks here and there and save wherever and whatever I can.  And yes, the dogs and birds are first on the food and medical bill list.  LOL!

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by donna_07, Mar 04, 2009
hi Jaybay :)

  sorry to hear that! but dont lose hope, PRAY!  God is faithful, he has always been in our life. it took me almost a yr. to find a job after i graduated from a respiratory therapist degree(im licensed,board certified) there are times i ask why? my husband just got out of the military after i graduate and was working in a construction minimal paying job. We struggle for a yr. and a half and learned to pinch every pennies, we accrued some debts while im in school and still in the process of paying it. Just when im about to start a job(nov. 27,'08) i got bitten by a black widow spider and the poison almost cost me my life - this happened when i didn't have insurance so its an added bill, to be concerned of.  Jan.'09 i got hired not as an RT but just an admission personnel at a prominent Hospital, i took the job! my thinking its better than being home and not having income, the good side is i got medical insurance from it :) so i was happy just to start working and its a humbling experience it builds character. 3wks. on the job i was diagnosed w/ 12cm dermoid cyst on my left ovary, and underwent laparatomy surgery last FEB. 2,'09 -  the blessing, they were able to save my ovaries and took the tumor out, they suspect it is benign! and im still waiting for the lab results.  God had provided perfectly on the right time just when i need the insurance!  im now recovering at home and approaching my 5th wk but still in a lot of pain and a lot of sleepless nights, but through everything , God has been faithful.
I pray that this life events will just refine you to be the strong  powerful woman God has created you , just remember

"The  Will of God will never lead you, Where the Grace of God cannot protect you"      

God Bless,
donna  :)

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by ginger899, Mar 04, 2009
Hi Jaybay...thought you'd have thought of all that!
The plants thing is a good one. I always think "What can I do?" "What am I good at?" when I have to try and make extra cash. Last year at Christmas, to make money for presents I climbed up umpteen trees and gathered Mistletoe then hung it outside my house on a bamboo rack for passing motorists to buy.(Trouble was when I got the money I didn't use it for Christmas presents but gave it to the local animal shelter!!)

I see your point about the hunting/fishing thing. It's no point spending all that money just to get there! Going fairly meat-less might be a good idea then,because meat is a terrible price! I hardly ever eat meat, but am fit and well. I do eat some fish though. Canned fish is good because it's so cheap, really nutritious, and you can make it into other things like fish burgers etc. Or you can make a big salad with canned fish,salad things and cooked cooled beans, with a yummy dressing! got me going now.......

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by crisisvenom, Apr 16, 2009
one paycheck can be the difference between being homeless or not. you yuppies have no idea. so keep on praying to your yuppie god and shut up already.

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