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Timing your taper

Mar 13, 2008 - 3 comments

I am posting this well aware that some will disregard it entirely...but for those of you who use works.

Begin tapering after the full reducing your dose as the moon decreases...your body will suffer less symptoms.  
Upon the new moon...start clean.  A new moon is a new beginning.  That is why the date March 6 was our last dose even though we didn't get tapered down to zero...March 7 was the new moon.

This 'lunar logic' is applied to most everything in our life...if you have questions, do not hesitate.

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460948 tn?1232302122
by Rose703, Mar 31, 2008
Interesting thinking and I agree, although I admit I didn't think about it from the perspective until reading this. Thank you!!

147172 tn?1226758178
by girlybuff, Mar 31, 2008
This is an interesting subject.  It's one I would like to explore more for many reasons and for many factors in life in general.  Just a quick question.... I live on the ocean.... directly across the street from the ocean.  I'm wondering if you think I am more affected by the lunar cycles than someone who is a distance off from the water.

417564 tn?1287982827
by feohmoon, Mar 31, 2008
Definately if the moon is in a water sign....cancer, scorpio or pisces.

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