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Bee Pollen

Mar 13, 2008 - 0 comments

Bee pollen Nature's perfect food:
Referred to as the most complete food in nature, bee pollen has ALL of the necessary nutrients needed for human survival-- at least 18 of the amino acids, more than a dozen vitamins, especially rich in B-complex, A,C,D,E almost all known minerals....trace elements......11 enzymes or co-enzymes, and 14 beneficial fatty acids.  
It is 35% proteins, 55% carbohydrates,2% fatty acids,3% vitamens and minerals.  That leaves 5% unaccounted for.  That 5%which science has not been able to isolate and identify, may be what'd alluded to in Whispers____"the magic of the bee" That makes the bee pollen so powerful!

According to Steve Schecter, ND HHP, director of Naturl Healing Institute in Encinitas, Ca, more than 40 research studies document the therapeutic efficacy and safety of bee pollen.  Clinical tests show orally ingested particles are rapidly ingested and easily absorbed, they pass from the stomach directly into the blood.  Dr Schechter's overview is that "BEE POLLEN rejuvinates your body, stimulates organs and glands, enhances vitality and brings about a longer life span.
Bee Pollen
1.offers relief of allergies(helps the body build natual defenses) (make sure you are not allergic to bee's)

2.It is used by many athletes to help increase their strength endurance and speed, it helps the body recover from exercise, bringing the heart rate and breathing back to normal more quickly.

3. It allieviates mental fatigue and improves alertness and concentrtion helping you remain focused for longer periods of time.  It's reported to improve the mental and physical reactions of athletes

4.It promotes fertility and sexual vitality.  Noel Johnson a San Diego based marathon runner who is in his 90's credits bee pollen as one reason for him writing his autobiography "A Dud at 70, A Stud at 80!"

5.The skin becomes younger looking, less vulnerable to wrinkles, smoother and healthier, with the use of honeybee pollen.

6. Studies show that food consumption is decreased by 15% TO 20%  When taken daily with a glass of water 15 to 30 minutes before meals.  It is said to correct an impalance in the body's metabolism, that may contribute to weight gain. It is thought that the Lecithin in pollen speeds up the burning of calories.  It also assists the digestive process, and theassimilation of nutrients.

7. It protects against radiation and it's affects and strengthens the immune system, with proteins, beneficial fats, vitamins B,C,D,E, beta carotene, calcium, magnesium, selenium,, neucleic acids,lecithin, and cysteine.  All this has been scientifically proven to strengthen immunity, counteract the effects of radiation, and chemical toxins and generate optimal health and vitality.

Forms and dosages:
gel caps, tablets, and granules
Granules is the number one choice 1 tsp with water before meals  In the beginning a dosage of 1/4 to 1/2 tsp once per day is recommended then increase dosages gradually.

This came from the book "Secret Food Cures  Dr Approved Folf Remedies"
by Joan Wilen and Lydia Wilen

I hope this helps
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