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Could it be a reoccurrence?

Mar 13, 2008 - 0 comments

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Spots on lung by CT Scan

My Father is 66 years old, roughly 5'-11", 210-230 lbs slightly over weight, healthy and doesn't smoke.  He was diagnosed with lung cancer in March 2007 in his left lung.  In April of 07, he went through a pneumonectomy on his left lung.  He is now left with the right lung.  After his surgery, his tests results came out negative across the board.

Six (6) months later, we took him to the same Doctor to do follow-up tests and scans, and got negative results across the board.  No reoccurrence shown anywhere.  

Six (6) more months after that (which is this week; the week of March 10th 2008), he did another cycle of follow-up tests.  The first in line was a CT Scan, and it showed two spots in his lower right lung (remaining lung) less than 1 cm in size (0.394 inches).  He is yet to take a blood test, a PET scan and a breathing test.  However, prior to taking his CT scan, my father was sick with bronchitis (he was back to normal during the scan though).

My father has a mild dry cough.  Doctors told us that its normal after a pneumonectomy.

Can this be a reoccurrence?  Can cancer jump from one lung to another?  Can cancer grow that fast in 6 months?  Can this be a scar from bronchitis?  

Does anybody care to please help?

Forever grateful,


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