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My fuzz is over but now I need counseling

Feb 21, 2009 - 0 comments

Dear diary I am blessed tonight as I am writing this, but why on earth would I heide behind this for so long??? It took me 12 years and 7 months of hormone pills to realize that my fuzz was all due to high school. i had everything back then. I was a swimmer, a fighter. Untli the boys. I met one of them through a friend. He asked me out and that is when I turned him down. I told him no, I would never ever date anyone after him. She was a good friend. That is why everything went downhill. My brothers new that he hurt me, i hated school. i cried everytime I had to go. I quit life because of this one boy. Now i want revenge. But I can't I don't have enough strength. I called my dad balling. Dad, it was him. He says you need to see someone right away. I am just mortified. I have to get back in this. So help me god. Now i do believe  i am depresseed from all of this. Even more scared than ever. I am going to keep fighting, and praying now that the rest of my body will heal from all of thiis.

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