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A good day....I"M CLEAN!!

Feb 23, 2009 - 0 comments

Today has been very good. I woke up and got a shower. It took a few hours, but I have the shower chair now and I'm so happy to be able to clean myself without Sean's help, tho I always appreciated it. I had kiefer and aloe and oj and a burrito and spinach and carrots and an avocado to eeat today. I think I'm craving sweets. i ate cookies, organic ones last night tho and had terrible upset stomach. My period seems to have stopped now. I've noticed that my leg twitches and thrilly feelings come almost exclusively at night, which is strange. My eyes only itch bad at night too. My left eye is hurting now. I'm not wearing any glasses today. And I won't. Do you hear me self? I will not put glasses on to enjoy TV when I crawl back to bed after this journaling. I feel very pretty today and Sean even made a wow remark when he was home for lunch. It's when I feel pretty that I feel sadness for not being able to perfect my figure with excercise, but I don't feel that today, so progress, yes? Sigh, my back is hurting too bad to sit in my moon chair, so I have to go now and take care of myself. To the bed =]

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